CANADA: Muslims claim parking illegally in front of their mosque is a “human right”

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Not only in Canada. Muslims do that everywhere.

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Two Muslims from a well-known Muslim Brotherhood front group, ISNA, say a parking restriction in the city of Mississauga that’s in effect during Friday prayer services discriminates against Muslims and they’re asking the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to back their claim.
Muslim Brotherhood front group ISNA Canada's mosque

Muslim Brotherhood front group ISNA Canada’s mosque

National Post  Salman Khalid, 32, is an emergency physician at a hospital about half an hour from the ISNA Canada Centre, a mosque he and his family have always attended in Mississauga, west of Toronto. In May 2012, he was given a ticket for parking on nearby Finfar Court rather than the mosque’s parking lot, while attending Friday prayer services.

The bylaw states that parking is prohibited on the side street, approximately one block from the mosque, between 12-3 p.m. on Fridays. But this coincides with the mosque’s hours of prayer service on Islam’s holiest day of the week, according to Salman’s father, Muhammad. Mr. Khalid and his son allege the parking bylaw is discriminatory and violates the Ontario Human Rights Code.



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  1. Abide by the Canadian Law & Customs or go home. Muslims are the ones who are discriminating and racist not the rest of the world I’m so over them saying we are racist and discriminating get your heads out of your backsides and wake up you come to other peoples country you need to abide there way or go back to your country of birth.Simple

  2. mel you have to take the fight to the weasels you elected as your representatives. convence them, and then make them act.

  3. Just because it is a residential street does not mean the residents have no recourse for securing preferential parking in front of their homes. This is exactly what residential parking permits are for. You find them offered to residential areas near hospitals, schools, churches, bars, and mosques. They are offered just for that reason. Nothing personal, or discriminatory. When you built your facility you were asked to submit what you figured would be a realistic patron count and were required to provide adequate parking – so as not to burden the tax payers and surrounding residence with the costs or inconveniences of supporting, in one way or another, your operations. The “timed” no parking signs were put there because of the inconvenience to homeowners during that period of time and I think it is really pathetic that an organization of such would put the surrounding residence in a position where they would have to deal with residential parking permits. My house came with no on-property parking, as dose many, and even though permit-parking allows for a normalcy of parking down my street it really sucks – having to give guests temp cards or making sure mine is visible. So – go to the city get a permit for underground or raised parking like you would have had to have done in the first place if you would have given an honest estimate for parking requirements and bless the surrounding residence with your grace and charity and lack of conflict. You religious beliefs or activities should be no one else’s burden – Praise God.

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