Europe will not survive this invasion….

Europe has lost the backbone to resist – and is even assisting its own colonization.

Why is This Not Betrayal?

It is dismissed as a “crazy conspiracy theory” if one suggests that Western political elites actively support the Islamization of Europe and the Western world. Yet one might argue that this is not a conspiracy theory — or even a theory — merely an observation.

The more Muslims and people who champion Islamic ideas imported into a society, the more Islamic influence there will be in that society. This is basic logic: if you import large numbers of Muslims to a country, you get more Islamization. It’s pretty simple, really. (More by Fjordman on the GoV)


 Unprecedented numbers are risking their lives to reach Europe, and local authorities in coastal communities where they land are struggling to cope. Lizzy Davies reports from Catania while photographer Massimo Sestini accompanied the Italian navy on its rescue missions earlier this month, offering a rare up-close glimpse of the men, women and children who make the dangerous trip to start a new life wage jihad against the infidels.

d0c3c9db-ca22-4704-b986-c1a0e00b65a5-1020x612Refugees on board a fishing vessel carrying 443 Syrian asylum seekers are rescued by the Italian navy. More than 2,000 migrants jammed in 25 boats arrived in Italy, 12 June. Photograph: Massimo Sestini/eyevine

32c7fb36-d768-45ae-922f-8a7b6bfb3915-1020x680 African asylum seekers rescued off boats and taken aboard an Italy navy ship, 8 June. Photograph: Massimo Sestini/eyevine

d6eb977d-f9e3-4726-855e-200405ce3dc8-1020x680Cherson and Molschky: 

The Main Danger for Europe

A wave of Islamization rolls over Europe, hardly meeting any resistance. Statistics are grimmer and more hopeless every day. A demographic collapse passed from being a forecast to being a reality: the number of children in European families does not exceed 1.4, while in immigrant families from Islamic countries it is almost thrice higher: 3.6.

Of the total number of babies in Western Europe about 20% are born into such families. The most popular male name for a newborn in Brussels is Muhammad. In Germany the number of births has fallen lower than in the last year of WW2. Fifteen percent of the military personnel in the French Army are Muslims. In the Swiss Army their share is even higher: 20%.

In France, one of the European countries worst-hit by Muslim immigration, Muslims from Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa exceed 15% of the total population. Extrapolating current demographic trends, it is expected that by 2025 their share will grow to 25%. As Muslims vote by a monolithic bloc, while native votes are politically dispersed, sociologists point that they, even being in minority, can take under control both the legislative and executive branches of power.

All the Western world shuddered over the words by the famous Bernard Lewis , who warned that by the end of the century, Europe would be Islamicized. Such an outcome, with current demographic trends, seems inevitable, and the journalists and writers mainly discuss three scenarios, how it will happen:

  1. Gradual colonization of Europe accompanied by the constantly growing political and cultural influence of Islamic immigrant diaspora, who will capture all the heights in economic, political and cultural life. This process will accelerate while native collaborationists will be joining the victors in order to participate in splitting the trophies. That it will be so is proven by the fact that each year about 50,000 French convert to Islam. Genderless Europe, lost in fruitless discussions about “rights” and “tolerance” will surrender without hardly any resistance, and Europeans will become second-class unwelcomed guests in their own countries. This is the outcome predicted by the French writer Jean Raspail in his The Camp of the Saints
  1. Military conquest. Based on their quickly growing numerical advantage and religious fanaticism, Muslims will conquer European countries and ruthlessly oppress any and all attempts of the conquered to resist and convert women and children to Islam, reducing all who refuse to the position of “Dhimmies”- half-slaves who are doomed to live only by the mercy of their Muslim masters.
  2. Civil war, when a part of the population, faced with the perspective of the destruction of their civilization and their countries, unite around the right-wing parties and start the fight. On the other side there will be an army of Muslims, most of them born in Europe but ideologically brainwashed by those sent from Saudi Arabia and other ideological centers of Islamic mullahs. It will be a true religious war, and what it means can be seen in the example of Germany, which had lost 2/3 of its population during the Thirty-Years War.

All three scenarios generously rewarded both writers, journalists, sociologists and politicians with money and publicity for numerous books, articles and speeches at the International Forums, but all three share the same problem; their reality cannot be evaluated. One of the reasons is that they are based on demographic forecasts, that have always been something more related to voodoo than to real science.

Muslim women on the Champs-Elysées

During the last two centuries, all attempts to forecast the dynamics of the population movement invariably ended in failure. Demographic trends are of a cyclic nature, and nobody can be sure where they will turn and what their results will be in the future.

Another reason is that Islamic world is not immune to demographic factors either. In the last two decades, the birth rate among Muslims is rapidly falling, and in immigrant families in Europe this trend is even more pronounced. Demographically, the Muslim diaspora in Europe just lags behind the native European population but demonstrates an absolutely similar trend to smaller families. Two or three generations more, and the quantity of the cannon fodder will not be sufficient for feeding the idea about an “Islamic Caliphate.”

And finally, the Muslim diaspora in Europe is not something monolithic. Most French Muslims are Arabs, Berbers and Africans from former French colonies; in Britain Muslims are mainly from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and German Muslims are mostly Turks and Kurds. For them Arabs are historic enemies, and they remember it very well. Add to this the differences between Sunnis and Shi’a Muslims; to form a united front of these very different and openly antagonistic groups is practically impossible.

However, this does not mean that Muslims have no chances to conquer Europe. The main danger for Europe is Europe itself.

Muslim-Immigrants-ParisUnder the pressure from their own people who, seeing the results of the policy of multiculturalism, they call for tolerance for practically anything immigrants do because “we owe them for centuries of colonization.” After an alarming delinquency growth, especially rapes, there is an evident shift to the right, and European governments start to toughen immigration policies. But no matter how tough, this policy all the same will let immigrants live a lot better than how they lived in their countries of origin. And they will not go back; more probably, they will start active fighting in order to make the Western governments and Western people go on letting them comfortably push Europeans out of their own countries, rape white women in Britain, Sweden and Denmark by the hundreds, cut the heads off British soldiers in broad daylight in London and shoot French soldiers in the streets of Toulouse.

The West has already seen the reaction of Muslim immigrants to any attempts to make them comply with Western laws and norms… in Paris in 2005, in Lampedusa, in Rome…. Just making some changes here and there will not help; the entire system must be changed.

Europe today is surprisingly similar to Ancient Rome before its fall; immense wealth, using the cheap labor of modern “slaves”- immigrants- leaving millions of native  people, citizens of the country, on welfare (a modern equivalent of the Roman giving bread and wine to the poor), moral decadence, degradation of the people who find it quite normal to live without working and who find special pride in successfully cheating the society to make it pay them more, alcohol, drugs… And of course, constant and endless talks about “freedom” and  “democracy” which have reached such heights that now the West is quite seriously talking about the legalization of incest and pedophilia… And the so-called “light drugs” like marijuana, which destroy the brain and personality of a human being, are already legalized; the next step will be legalizing other drugs, follow the ads.

Women want to have sex but without such unpleasant and annoying consequences as children, preferring to take care of dogs, cats and other pets instead of taking care of their own children, and the governments approve this, propagating “save sex.” It’s not only the elites that degraded; this would be unpleasant for high society- but not mortally dangerous for the moral health of the nation as a whole. Now this degradation has spread to the people.

Without changing the general concept of the basic principles of our society, without putting an end to the liberal nonsense about the superiority of an individual over the rights of society, without ending the practice of putting the rights of immigrants above the rights of the native people, citizens of the country, and instead of directing social funds on aid to native families with three or more children, and by instead, directing these funds to helping immigrant families – (in Denmark, for example, Muslim immigrants make up just 5% of the population but enjoy 40% of the total amount of the national social aid programs)- the process of the Islamization of Europe cannot be stopped.

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7 thoughts on “Europe will not survive this invasion….”

  1. “…Military conquest. Based on their quickly growing numerical advantage and religious fanaticism, Muslims will conquer European countries and ruthlessly oppress any and all attempts of the conquered to resist and convert women and children to Islam, reducing all who refuse to the position of “Dhimmies”- half-slaves who are doomed to live only by the mercy of their Muslim masters….”

    I might be wrong but I can’t see it. There are simply not enough muslims to go around.
    There’d need to be one on every corner – or a network of dhimmie spies reporting to muslim overlords. That might work in islamic countries where it’s always been fashionable/necessary to have a dictator and the state machinery to run a dictatorship. Muslims in the West are a disorganised rabble – the worst of them being 20 to 35 years old, disenfranchised , with low self esteem but clinging to their ridiculous ideology because it tells them they are top dogs.

    Before it got to the stage where there was a hint of them attempting a takeover and ditching our way of life – there’d be wholesale slaughter of muslims in the West.

    People are already chafing at the bit now for things to change.

    1. ” There are simply not enough muslims to go around.There’d need to be one on every corner – or a network of dhimmie spies reporting to muslim overlords.”

      You are wrong about that. Historically, and as we have seen in other totalitarian systems like fascism, communism, the dhimmi population will police itself. Remember that famous document from the Muslim Brotherhood wherein it is written “destroy (infidel society-bring their miserable house down) by their hands and the hands of the believers”- that’s the meaning of “by their hands”. You can see it already happening all over the place.

  2. Sheik.
    In Europe the tolererance for muslim misbehaviour is rapidly approaching zero. This has been the case for some time but the media has been complicit is covering up the real concerns of the populations. I can tell you that every person for German/France/Spain/Holland/Sweden/Norway I know is fed up with muslim behavior and with the left wing politics that influences European media. I am very certain that muslims will be in for a very nasty shock sooner than later. Y̦u are right in that some poweful component of these societies are trying to police the populations Рbut these thugs are playing a very dangerous game and the French revolution was not so long ago that people have forgotten it. The eurocommies are living on borrowed time, but they are too stupid to understand this.

    1. How so?

      The invasion continues. Muslim infiltration in positions of power continues. Pandering to Muslims continues. Those who resist are vilified, criminalised, ostracised and finally eliminated. Let me know when something changes.

  3. Not to trivialize this treason-induced collapse of rational civillization, but hey if you can’t laugh at something you’d have to cry about it, amiright?

    So, in tongue-in-cheek reply to Mohammed Wazir Ahkspaidar, here goes:


    A British Border Patrol Boat stops four Muslims in a row boat, rowing towards Brighton.

    The captain gets on the loud speaker and shouts, “Ahoy, small craft, where are you heading?”

    One of the Muslims stands up and shouts, “We’re invading England !”

    The crew of the Patrol Boat all start laughing, and when the captain finally stops laughing, he gets back on the loud speaker and says, “Just the four of you?”

    The Muslim stands up again and shouts, “No, we’re the last four. The rest are already there.”


  4. Points taken – however , I remain hopeful. Muslims prove over and again, around the world – they cannot manage to run successful advanced societies – without importing technology and expertise from the kuffar. Functioning in an advanced society requires a large cohort of people to have technical knowledge in a large array of fields and the wherewithal to put it into practice. i.e. evolved sense of social responsibility and awareness. Something that islam does not engender.

    So , sure, you could theoretically have a society run in a state of fear with dhimmis reporting on each other to tard overlords – something like the Stasi in East Germany. But how long would that last, in the remote possibility that it was allowed to occur, before a very violent underground brought it to its knees? . 10 years?

    But the leadup to get to that state would be too long and throwing up too many red flags along the way to the non-muslim majority.

    Muslim militias would not be able to be formed without anyone noticing. Funds transfers will be even be more tightly monitored in the future. Technology is helping to ensure the game is up for islam and islamism.

    In Australia the undercurrent in non-muslim society is clearly against islam making further inroads. People are losing their tolerance rapidly for further islamic immigration – and for further concessions to muslims. This is across a wide base – certainly amongst Anglo-Saxons – but also in the southeast asian community, amongst Hindus and I don’t actually know but surmise, amongst the jewish community.

    1. The future belongs to the young, and the Muslims are outbreeding us 3 to 1. Our (western society) is ageing rapidly, and you can’t fight the jihad with an artificial hip-implant.

      Take a trip to Europe, see how the young macho Turks, Arabs, North Africans play with the indigenous females and you will learn to fear for the worst. Against the Mohammedans, aggressive, loud and with a strict sense of ‘haram’ and ‘halal’, the local yokels don’t know where to start.They don’t even know what’s happening to them.

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