G-d Bless Australia!

 G-d Bless Australia!

Greg Sheridan: Resisting a destructive tide of prejudicial terminology

WHEN Attorney-General George Brandis told Senate estimates the Australian government would not under any circumstances refer to East Jerusalem as occupied East Jerusalem, he was not changing government policy.

A reminder:

Islam, as a political movement, is driving Christians out of the Middle East entirely, with the sole exception of Israel.  Islam, as a political movement, hangs Gay people from cranes in Iran.  Islam, as a political movement, shoves women into potato sacks and tells them it is Allah’s love.  And Islam, as a political movement, calls for the murder of Jews wherever we may be found.

And this is what the Obama administration regime supports?

It is simply unfathomable that year after year, as  Obama bolstered the misnamed “Arab Spring” – which was, in fact, the rise of political Islam – our more naive progressive-left Jewish interlocutors kept telling us that Obama does not support political Islam even as he sent money and heavy weaponry to the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of both Hamas and al-Qaeda.

Melanie Phillips has a recent piece in Commentary entitled, ‘Jesus Was a Palestinian’: The Return of Christian Anti-Semitism, in which she makes the case that Israel is beginning to bleed American Evangelical support due to the concerted propaganda efforts and outreach of the Arab-Muslim world, particularly those Arab Christians who agree with Arab Muslims that Palestinian Jews are the Devil, and who coordinate with the “liberal” protestant sects, such as the Presbyterian Church.

In other news:

Israel needs all the supporters and partners that it can get and western Jews need to know who their friends are and who they are not.  What could not be more clear is that western Jewry has turned its back on the Evangelicals, who are among the most important supporters of the Jewish State of Israel in this world, while embracing an American president who is eager to fund Hamas.

We have to begin by acknowledging the obvious and, in these circumstances, the obvious, while horrifying, is easily acknowledgeable… at least, for some of us. (Michael Lumish for the EoZ)

Al Azhar University condemns a rabbi

On Monday, Rabbi Yehuda Glick went to the Temple Mount. His presence reportedly caused a near riot.

According to the Al Aqsa Foundation, he and 13 “settlers” actually went up to the Dome of the Rock, which seems highly unlikely (we’ve seen Moshe Feiglin do this but the vast majority of religious Jews would not go there because of its extreme sanctity.)

His presence caused the Muslims there to supposedly force him and the other Jews out of the complex. They claim he was insulting them (which, in their minds, he probably was – by standing there.)

The Al Aqsa Foundation issued a press release criticizing Glick, and this got picked up by Al Azhar University – the most prestigious Sunni institute of Koran study. Al Azhar  issued its own statement: Al Azhar headbangers condemn a rabbi

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