IDF looking for abducted Jewish children is a racist pretext to oppress Palestinian kidnappers….

In search for teens, IDF arrests 2 in Hebron house

Obama backs these savages. Obama bullies and threatens Israel to submit to these… PAMELA GELLER, ATLAS SHRUGS

PLO says IDF attempts to #BringBackTheBoys are racist pretexts to oppress Palestinians  (EoZ)

The Executive Committee of the PLO issued a statement saying that everything the IDF is doing to find the three boys kidnapped by Hamas in the West Bank is just a smokescreen for the real Israeli purpose of making life miserable for Arabs.

You see, Israeli Jews are always looking for flimsy excuses to perform massive, expensive operations in hostile territory, simply because they hate Arabs that much. Reality is just another enemy of the Palestinian people, and it must be fought tooth and nail.

The kidnapping is a casus belli

This kidnapping is a casus belli. Those who quote Rabin’s remark that “peace is made with enemies” leave out something important. Peace is made with defeated enemies, because undefeated ones are trying to kill you, or worse, your children. That’s what an enemy is.
Those who think that the whole idea of enmity is outdated and atavistic, an ugly remnant of tribalism that the human race should leave behind may be right, but if you have to deal with people who live in that world, you can’t ignore them. You can’t unilaterally disarm, physically and psychologically. If they are trying to kill you, you can’t stand above it and look down tolerantly on those people who are not as advanced as you are. You have to fight them and kill them. When you have killed enough of them, they’ll give up. Then you can start making peace.

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