Muslims Complain When Burma Does the Same Thing Muslim Countries Do


Muslims Complain When Burma Does the Same Thing Muslim Countries Do

Posted By Daniel Greenfield  In The Point 

Minus the stonings.

A law banning conversion to other religions? It’s routine in the Muslim world. It’s not always punished by the death penalty, but there are usually laws against it or laws making it difficult. That’s the case even in supposedly moderate Muslim countries.

Malaysia certainly doesn’t make it easy.

Look at the cases of Kamariah Ali and Zarena Abdul Majid.

The bride, who was detained midway through her Hindu wedding ceremony, claimed that she had applied for a petition to renounce Islam as she was underaged when her father converted her, reported Harian Metro.

The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) detained the bride and stopped the wedding held at a temple at Jalan SS1/25 in Shah Alam on Sunday.

The bride, Zarena Abdul Majid, 32, also claimed that she was a practising Hindu despite being registered at the National Registration Depart­ment as a Muslim.

Majid is lucky that she’s in Malaysia. In Pakistan she might already be dead.

And that’s why Muslims have no leg to stand on when they complain when Burma’s Buddhists do the same thing that they do.

A draft law that would ban people in Myanmar from changing religion without permission from the government has been put before parliament, sparking outrage.

The proposed law now before parliament would require anyone wanting to convert to a religion to get permission from a panel formed of local government officials.

If the law is passed, anyone wishing to convert will be required to apply to four different ministries covering religion, women’s affairs, population and education. They’ll then have to wait 90 days to find out if they’ve been granted permission.

So now Muslims are unhappy when a majority Muslim country treats them… like they treat minorities in their own countries.

Islamic Supremacism leads Muslim groups to believe that they have the right to special treatment. They don’t. No one does.

You can’t demand civil rights as a minority that you are not willing to provide as a majority.