Nigeria's Muslim leader condemns "all acts of terrorism"….

Got it? When a Muslim condemns “all acts of terrorism” it is  code for ‘any resistance to the spread of Islam is terrorism and we condemn those terrorists wherever they are’-  so the Muslims condemn the mushrikeen who won’t submit while demanding that their ‘community’ remains safe from prosecution, no matter how involved or how guilty they are.


“Terrorism has no place in Islam. We must rise up, as always, with one voice to condemn all acts of terrorism, condemn those terrorists wherever they are and try our possible best as Muslims to ensure peace reigns in our community,” Abubakar said, according to Nigerian Watch.

“We are committed to helping the government at all levels to bring peace in Nigeria. Whatever we can do, as long as it is not against Islam, we are ready to do it 100%,” he added.

Boko Haram is 100% Islamic. That’s why these ‘peaceful Muslims’  won’t do a bloody thing about it when the kuffars complain.

One thought on “Nigeria's Muslim leader condemns "all acts of terrorism"….”

  1. Exactly. The statements from his forked tongue is fodder for the useful idiots. You might say he’s fattening up for the kill.

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