Obama and the "inevitable caliphate"

Armed men threaten Paris cops outside synagogue:

“We’re the Muslims, we will blow you up”: Series of Muslim attacks on Paris Jews

Analysts routinely think that attacks like these happen because of the conflict between Israel and the “Palestinians,” but in reality the enmity goes much deeper than that.


It also shows  ISIS (Obama buddies)  pledging to take their war against the infidel to Spain and to “Rome” – or the West – as well as to Jews:


“Allahu akbar”– Mohammedan headbanger terrorises passengers in mid-flight

“[We were] going from Abu Dhabi to Manila, so I guess you could argue it’s not that crazy … but I’ve taken this route many times before and have never seen this before…”

Six Boko Haram terrorists arrested while planting bombs

Six Boko Haram Terrorists Caught Planting Bombs at Christian Church– six suicide bombers have taken over the church perpetrating their nefarious activities.

It Is “Inevitable” That the Islamic Caliphate Returns

elibiary-300x200Radical Devout Obama DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary: It Is “Inevitable” That the Islamic Caliphate Returns

Last year Department of Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiarylikened the Muslim Brotherhood to US Christian Evangelicals.

Obama “almost anti-American?”

“Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell.”…

Persecuted just because he is Muslim?

THE Hyde Park rioter who wounded a police officer during the violent protests should not be sentenced harshly just because some in the community may “disapprove of his faith”, a court heard yesterday. —Just because he’s Muslim

One thought on “Obama and the "inevitable caliphate"”

  1. Regarding the screecher attention whore on the plane … The plane was probably full of Muslims. If one were to attack the screecher, all the other Muslim chimps would have jumped into the fight. Then a major incident would have occurred and some innocent people would have gotten hurt. This also enraged me; however, I think the thing to do would be to record it, if possible, then file a law suit against the airline for allowing it. I’m sure some smart-assed attorney could dream up a reason. Obviously, this chimp was trying to cause trouble so the victory is not playing his game and the main goal is to live to fight another day.

    Another “ploy”, if you will, is what therapists use and I think it’s called something like “upping the ante”, “escalating to the ridiculous”, something like that. This means that after he has flashed his ass, give him an applause, exhort the other passengers to give him an applause, congratulate him, tell him how beautiful it was, praise him profusely, ask him to show you how to screech like he does, then insist that you do it with him because you enjoyed it so much and really, really, really want to learn how to do such a beautiful thing. This technique gets through even to psychopaths. He will sit there and fume, but won’t be able to do a damn thing about it.

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