Obama People

Dependency on white people causes blacks to rape white women:

Liberal Activist Is Brutally Raped in Haiti by a Black Man – Blames White Men

Liberal activist Amanda Kijera traveled to Haiti on a mission to prove that the portrayal of black men as “savages” was not accurate. Kijera was brutally raped. Of course, she blamed the white man for the violence. (GWP)

In other news:


What a disgusting pig:

Candy Crowley Asks McCain if Bergdahl Was “Less Worthy of Rescuing” Than McCain as a POW (GWP)

Hillary Clinton on Bowe Bergdahl’s Desertion: What Difference Does It Make?

Obama’s DOJ Accuses Glock Executives Of Corruption And Fraud



Jeanine Pirro Makes the Case for Impeachment

If political correctness is overthrown and the rule of law is reestablished, Obama will face trial for treason for illegally releasing top terrorists on behalf of the Taliban. If found guilty, rather than the traditional punishment, maybe he should be forced to fight a cage match with Jeanine Pirro:

But until political correctness is overthrown, Obama’s black skin trumps the Constitution, so no one will dare impeach him no matter how obvious his treason. If he unilaterally releases more terrorists in open defiance of Congress, we will know that America has degenerated into a de facto dictatorship. (Moonbattery)