Obama Regime Concerned over Safety of Myanmar Muslims Yet Ignores Muslim Violence

US Concerned over Safety of Myanmar Muslims Yet Ignores Muslim Violence

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The US State Department is very “concerned” for the Muslims in Myanmar due to a proposed bill which would ban interfaith marriage. However, there is little concern for other groups experiencing hardships, such as the oppressed Christians in the Middle East.

adhanSyrian Christian refugees who fled the persecution inflicted by Muslims have been denied visas to the West, and there is no concerted effort to help the Coptic Christians of Egypt, whose situation has become dire since the start of the Arab Spring. Some have opted to go to the nation of Georgia, where an Eastern Orthodox Christian environment is more inviting than one where Muslims kidnap, rape and torture them, destroy their churches and force them to convert.

But the US State Department never expresses concern over Muslims persecuting Christians. On the contrary, the Obama Administration backed the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), a terrorist organization parading around as a so-called political group, now classified as terrorist by both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, though not by the US.

While MB President Morsi was in power, Copts in Egypt saw even greater persecution along with an increase in blasphemy cases. This was the new “democracy” that excited Obama, never mind the treatment of religious minorities, who are not considered refugees when Muslims are the ones behind the persecution.

According to Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, there are 200,000 Christians who are killed each yearas a result of their beliefs, with the greatest suffering taking place in Islamic countries. Sabaditsch-Wolff incidentally, is an Austrian counter-jihadist who was wrongly convicted of hate speech for speaking the truth about Islam in a series of seminars.

Muslim terrorism against Israeli Jews does not bother the US State Department one bit either. Throughout the “peace talks,” it was clear the Obama Administration did all it could to weaken Israel with demands for the release of violent Palestinian terrorist murderers and US Secretary of State John Kerry’s attempt at blackmail, throwing around the “Apartheid State” accusation, like any other typical low-level foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Semite.

The thousands of terrorist attacks against Jews by Muslims do not cause State Department officials to so much as bat an eye. But make Palestinians go through a checkpoint for security purposes, something which is necessary as a result of Muslim violence, and it’s the end of the world.

But alas, Muslims who have perpetrated over 23,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11, are always the victim.

The Associated Press article:

The State Department has voiced serious concerns about proposals to criminalize interfaith marriage in Myanmar, while rights groups warned Thursday that passage of such discriminatory legislation could spark more violence against Muslims.

Nationalist Buddhist monks are pushing legislation to “protect and preserve race and religion” in the Southeast Asian nation, which has seen bouts of violence against minority Muslims in the past two years that have killed more than 200 people and displaced tens of thousands.

President Thein Sein has directed parliament to draft four pieces of legislation that would also restrict religious conversion, ban polygamy and enact population control measures — widely viewed as steps directed against Muslims.

The proposed legislation raises questions about the direction of Myanmar’s democratic reforms as it shifts from decades of military rule.

The Obama administration has been a staunch supporter of Thein Sein, helping his government to escape pariah status. But nationalist sentiments appear on the rise in the country also known as Burma ahead of pivotal national elections in 2015…

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