"That's Racist"

Mental mush from a useful toosh:

She may have the right hair colour, but the fundamental difference between biology and ideology should be obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

suzie-obrien-stupid-journalistSusie O’Brien in today’s Herald Sun shows herself up as the raw model for shallow, uninformed and dishonest dhimmie journos. Another free business class ticket to Paris via Arabia, courtesy of some flying carpet airline, will be in the mail. 

Is SUSIE O’BRIEN stuck on stupid or just another dumb blonde?


In other news:

Wasn’t Muhammad a white man too?

Kenya: Jihad attack that murdered 60 was led by “white man speaking fluent British English”

This will be awkward for the British mainstream media narrative that “Asians,” i.e. Muslims, are victims of racism from “whites,” and if the “whites” would just behave better and be less xenophobic, the problem of jihad would evanesce like the morning dew. The fact is that the problem of jihad has nothing whatsoever to do [ / Comments]Continue Reading »

Philippino Peace Process kills 17

Philippines: 17 dead as Islamic jihadists battle soldiers

Philippines: 17 dead as Islamic jihadists battle soldiers

This is “one of the bloodiest clashes in the southern Philippines in recent months” — Islamic jihadists worldwide are emboldened by the success of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and by the weakness (and often outright support) that Barack Obama has given to Islamic supremacists and jihadists worldwide. They know that if they […]Continue Reading »

Our Islamic Fundamentalist Adversaries are Inhuman Barbarians…writes Isi Leibler

And where is Isi Leibler’s support for Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, the Q-Society and all those who speak out against these inhuman barbarians?

Fears for the well-being of the abducted teenagers dominate our minds and prayers and we share the pain of their parents and families. And the nation as a whole is displaying the unity that has always been the hallmark of the Jewish people when confronted with such situations. … Story at J-Wire

Need a little inspiration how to respond to the ‘most Muslims are moderate’ argument?  Here is a short course from yesterday’s meeting in DC. 

Check out theses answers to a question by a muslim to a panel of our friends about fighting back against jihad and islamic ideology (Vlad Tepes)

Leftoid fellow travellers  of the global jihad throw hissy fits over the smackdown this Islamo-agitprop received for her blustering, inflated questioning:

Curiously, Lauren Davidson, who describes herself as a British journalist living it up in New York, is desperate to make it sound as if its all not true and that all those who tell the truth about Islam are somehow deranged, evil bigoted Islamophobes.

Needless to mention that Lauren is a product of hardwired libtard education. She seems to have copied her (s)hit peace directly from fellow traveler Jesse Singal, who praises  Dana Milbank from WaPo , who summed up the exchange thusly:

“The right’s hateful freak show”

Dana Milbank vs. Heritage Foundation’s abuse (watch the vid. There is no ‘abuse’ whatsoever, just the plain truth.)

I mean seriously, lunatics like Dana Milbank  are f*kced for life. They are Obama voters.  They helped Obama to power. They write for Salon. (spit!)

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  1. The guy on the left had the last laugh right at the end

    Can you tell me who is the head of the Muslim Peace Movement?

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