Al AGE: "Melbournians protest Israel's massacres in Gaza and the Abbott government's support for Israel's war crimes"

Mustard Rally in Melbournistan

The Muselmafia seems to have a new PR agency. The emphasis is no longer on murdering Jews, but on “love” and “peace” and “rights”. The AGE, hard left as always, is not only cheerleeding, but entirely  in the bag:

Rally-20for-20Palestine-20Melbourne-20140726180310556603-620x414Original text from al AGE: 6 Jul Thousands of Melbournians took part in todays rally at the State Library to protest both Israel’s massacres in Gaza and the Abbott government’s support for Israel’s war crimes.




Marseille, of all places:

A protester confronts riot police in Place de la Republique during a banned demonstration in support of Gaza in central ParisA protester confronts riot police in Place de la Republique during a banned demonstration in support of Gaza in central Paris, July 26, 2014.

(Reuters) – Thousands took to the streets of Marseille in the south of France on Sunday to show their support for Israel, the first such demonstration in the country since the start of the recent fighting in Gaza, organizers said.

6 thoughts on “Al AGE: "Melbournians protest Israel's massacres in Gaza and the Abbott government's support for Israel's war crimes"”

  1. When you have a demented leftist media feeding us a daily diatribe of only one side of the story, backed up by sniveling opponents of all common sense in our tiresome and bloated academia, and throwing in to the mix we have our always ready for a demonstration, the hard working and just out of the dole office middle eastern rabble-rousing refuse who think nothing of bringing their primitive uncivilised pathetic perturbations to our country, one can understand why Israel is being portrayed as the demoniac country it is! That is why in any war between the civilised man and the savage, support the civilised man! SUPPORT ISRAEL, DEFEAT HAMAS!

  2. Its not just Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood that needs to be defeated. Saddam knew how. So did Gaddafi and Assad.

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  4. Stop insulting the goats, that could be one of their favourite wives you are talking about! To coin the old phrase, Australia where the Muslims are in control and the governments, population, donkeys, camels, goats, kangaroos, cows, wombats and emu’s are scared out of their minds.

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