Another Day in Hamastan: Half of the dead in Gaza are terrorists

That’s not bad shooting.


Israel said it has killed 183 militants in its ground operation over the last four days.

Half of the dead in Gaza are terrorists

Israel treating injured 16 year old terrorist. Also witnesses see 13 year olds with suicide belts.

If you have seen news reports about the conflict in Gaza, you might mistakenly believe that Gaza’s civilians don’t have anywhere to escape and that the international community is against Israel. These are just some of the false claims emerging from coverage of the conflict. Click the link below to find out why these and other myths could not be further from the truth.


The Journaillie sux:

The Israeli government warned journalists covering Gaza that they are on their own. Israel cannot guarantee their safety. Well it’s about time…but why not take the next step and forbid journalists from access altogether? Many are “journalists” in name only. They are enemy combatants. Instead of guns, they use words. Instead of rockets, they use pictures. They have perfected the “dead baby strategy” to inflame public opinion against Israel.

In particular I am thinking about that British mieskeit who in the midst of Gaza can only find “suffering civilians” but not a single terrorist. The place is crawling with them but this BBC reporter can’t find a single one. The Jews are to blame. That is her story.

Here’s how Hamas treats the Pal’s:

Sadly, not surprising. Will the UN give the rockets back to Hamas as they did last time?

What do you think?

‘How many more schools will have to be abused by Hamas missile squads before the international community will intervene?’ Foreign Ministry fumes…
Just in case anyone has any serious doubt. My latest in PJ Media:Children killed…  JIHAD WATCH

Pictures from the demonstration for Gaza outside the Egyptian embassy 2014

Sunday 20th July, London: Hizb ut Tahrir Britain held a demonstration outside the Egyptian Embassy in London as the Zionist Entity intensified its ground offensive into Gaza, slaughtering hundreds of men, women and children in the process.
This is plain and simple BS. These psycho-killers have a problem with Jews. In reality, its other Muselmaniacs that murder them in large numbers:

The national demonstration was addressed by members of Hizb ut Tahrir and prominent community leaders. Taji Mustafa, media spokesperson for Hizb ut Tahrir Britain, concluded the demonstration by highlighting key messages Muslims in the UK must uphold firmly regarding the real problem and true solution for the current conflict:

  • The REAL Israeli Defence Force is the regimes of the Muslim countries in the region. Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are capable countries but have not come to the aid of Muslims in Gaza. Instead we are seeing the opposite – Saudi Arabia and state run media outlets in Egypt have come out in support of Netanyahu’s massacre of helpless Muslims. The inaction by these regimes – and their now increasingly open approval – act as the true ‘first line of defence’ for the Zionist Entity.
  • The solution to this ongoing slaughter lies in the hands of the Muslim armies in the region. The only way such massacres will end is when the armed forces, which have more than enough capability to defend the people of Gaza and liberate all of Palestine, move to do this. This is something only armed forces can do – not even the sincere resistance by people within the occupied lands can achieve a liberation and defence from massacres. These armies have the solution in their hands.
  • The Khilafah is needed to liberate of Palestine. The armies will not move without sincere, Islamic leadership that direct them to come to the aid of the Muslims in Gaza. The criminal and illegitimate regimes in the region must be replaced with a sincere Islamic leadership that defends Muslims – this would be a real Khilafah Rashidah.

The demonstration ended with a call to Muslims in the UK to undertake specific actions over the coming days:

  • Contact the Embassies of Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan by email, post and telephone demanding to know why they have done nothing about the massacre of Muslims on their doorstep, and highlight that it has been specifically their silence that has given Israel the green light to undertake the massacre.  Egypt which directly borders Gaza must open the Rafa crossing. [Details of the embassies and their telephone numbers are made available at the end].
  • Mosques, Muslims institutions and groups in the Muslim community must do all their upmost to highlight not just the problem – which everyone is clearly witnessing – but direct the community to the correct understanding of the real solution – the unleashing of the surrounding armies by a sincere Islamic leadership. To this end a special dua has been prepared by Hizb ut Tahrir Britain [available on] to be read-out in the masaajid during these last ten nights of Ramadhan. All Muslims are asked to take a copy to their local mosque and arrange for its recital.
  • Muslim must take heed – turning to the perpetrators and originators of this conflict – the US, European powers and Britain – is the height of naivety. Britain made way for the occupation of Palestine by the Zionist Entity, France with Britain carved-up the region, and the US and Britain have made clear in recent days they strongly back Netanyahu’s right to undertake such a military onslaught.  Protesting to the such powers, and even in front he Zionist entity, are actions in vain.
  • Hizb ut Tahrir Britain has uploaded a host of material on its website to highlight the correct response to this conflict – including letters to the Imams of the mosques in the UK, articles raising the correct understanding of the solution which can be shared amongst Muslims, and even letters to non-Muslims that be discussed amongst non-Muslim neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances. Hizb ut Tahrir Britain encourages Muslims in the UK to check the site regularly and utilise its material.
  • Finally, we ask Allah (swt) help us to establish the khilafah, soon, to honour Islam and its people and humiliate disbelief and its people. Ameen.