Burmese Buddhists Revolt Against the Mohammedan Expansion Program

Muslims murder and rape Buddhists and then then they wonder why there is blowback.
Buddhists threaten death to Muslims in Mandalay
Myanmar Buddhists threaten death to Muslims in Mandalay

Around 300 Buddhists were riding around Mandalay on Friday, many of them wielding knives, clubs and bamboo poles.

“We’re going to kill all the Muslims,” some shouted as they rode through the streets after attending the funeral of a Buddhist man stabbed to death on Wednesday night.

A Muslim man was also killed, beaten to death early on Thursday on his way to morning prayers.

The always way out of whack “Muslim Village” site whines about “Ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims”

There is nothing wrong with transferring a population of hostile invaders back from whence they came. It hasn’t happened yet.