Chaos in Libya, 2,300 Syrians Killed During Ramadan, Christian Genocide in Iraq; World Blames Jews…

While Muselmaniacs around the world call for genocide of the Jews, large parts of the Middle East are on fire. And the Obamessiah still doesn’t walk on water:


Larry Pickering: as horrific footage of dead Arab women and children reaches into lounge rooms across the globe, pressure is reaching the United Nations with silly talk of Israeli war crimes. Foreign journalists who are competing fiercely for the most gruesome shot, are strangely missing in action when many of thousands of Hamas rockets reach Israeli suburbs.

Dozens dead in Israel’s Gaza bombardment

If they are dead is because allah wanted them dead. And don’t forget to count the children!

Quran 9.111: Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain….


Frightbat of the day:

Hillary Clinton: Gaza’s Small Size Justification for Hamas Housing Rockets in Schools

hillaryHillary and Reality: Total Disconnect


In other news:

Mike Carlton: didn’t the Holocaust teach the Jews a lesson? UPDATE: Jew-hatred rising

Andrew Bolt

Many Jewish friends are alarmed by the vilification of Israel and of Jews. They are scared of the increased threats to Jews around the world. They are distressed by grotesque and sinister historical analogies with the Holocaust that seem driven by a wish to vilify Jews today or even to diminish the genocide of Jews yesterday.

And then along come a Mike Carlton, sneering and jeering:

Mike Carlton, The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday: 

IT is a breathtaking irony that these atrocities (in Gaza) can be committed by a people … who hold the Warsaw Ghetto and the six million dead of the Holocaust at the centre of their race memory.

Howard Jacobson, The Independent, February 18, 2009:

WHAT do we … think we are doing when we call the Israelis Nazis and liken Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto? … In the early 1940s some 100,000 Jews and Romanis died of engineered starvation and disease in the Warsaw Ghetto, another quarter of a million were transported to the death camps, and when the Ghetto rose up it was liquidated, the last 50,000 residents being either shot on the spot or … murdered … in Treblinka. Don’t mistake me: every Palestinian killed in Gaza is a Palestinian too many, but there is not the remotest similarity, either in intention or in deed — even in the most grossly misreported deed — between Gaza and Warsaw.


What is it about Islam that some of its most influential preachers urge others to kill? How safe is such a faith in the pluralistic West?

An imam in Berlin has been filmed praying for the annihilation of the Jews, asking Allah “not to spare a single one of them” during a sermon at a mosque.

MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, released the video of Sheik Abu Bilal Ismail giving his Friday sermon at the Al-Nur Mosque …

After accusing Arab leaders of conspiring against the people of Gaza, which he praised as “the land of Jihad (holy war),” he said the Gazans were facing “the strongest war machine, the Zionist Jews, these criminals, these slayers of prophets, those who shed blood, those who kill children, those who turn women into widows.”

The film clip then jumps to another part of his sermon. “Oh Allah, destroy the Zionist Jews. They are no challenge for you,” the subtitles read. “Count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them. Shake the ground beneath their feet. Make them suffer terribly.”

The West’s intelligentsia can’t keep ignoring this kind of thing or excusing it as the natural reaction to “oppression”, whether of the West or the Jews – the usual scapegoats.

In Germany. the land of the Holocaust, the hatred has started again – but this time the slogans are usually in the mouths of the immigrants:

In Berlin: “Jew Jew cowardly pig, come outside and fight on your own!’” 

Berlin: “Jews, sons of whores.”

Gelsenkirchen, at 4:55: “Hamas, Hamas, gas the Jews.” 


Maybe some of the less irrational Greens will finally realise their party is playing with an implacable fire:

[The pro-Palestinian] Brisbane rally, also on Saturday, … proved to be the most heated… and somewhat of a public relations disaster for the Greens.

Jake Schoermer, a young Green’s Candidate for the Queensland electorate of Indooroopilly in the 2015 state election, spoke at the rally.

He was not only drowned out by protestors, but had a shoe thrown at him after refusing to hand over the microphone…

“I’d like to note that Hamas’ actions in the recent conflict were also condemned by the UN,” Schoermer said, before being drowned out by protestors…

“But it should also be noted that I don’t believe Hamas’ actions speak for all Palestinians,” Schoermer yelled back at protestors.

It drew even louder boos from the crowd. And yet Schoermer ploughed on… As the crowd grew angrier, an organiser tried to step in and take the microphone…

That’s the point where Schoermer’s speech can no longer be heard above the crowd… followed shortly after by organisers turning off his microphone.