Fitzgerald: About That List Of Comparative Casualties

“Unfortunately no jews died: We are going to change that in Denmark”

Danish Jews threatened after Gaza conflict

Needless to mention that they’re not threatened by Danes. There have been 18 assaults and threats that were registrered against Danish jews this year. In nearly all cases the perpetrator was described as being of Middle Eastern descent.

As soon as the IDF ground operation in Gaza was underway, the wild accusations started.

“Humanitarian” official accuses Israel of using sarin to kill Gazans


About That List Of Comparative Casualties

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Since, when it comes to anything to do with Israel, all of a sudden there appears – otkuda ne voz’mis’!–a daily list of those killed, and score is kept, Olympic-medal-style, just so everyone can see how unfair it is, how terrible it is, that those Israelis (sous-entendu First World, white, advanced, with every conceivable technological advantage) suffer so many fewer casuaties than the Arabs (Gazans in this case), who are sous-entendu brown, primitive, with no conceivable advantages)– and it’s not fair to add into the Israeli total the people blown up on many dozens of busses, in several dozen restaurants and cafes (a pizza parlor here, an espresso bar there), not fair to add to the total the schoolgirls machine-gunned to death at Ma’alot, or  while visiting, with their parents, a “peace garden on the border with Jordan, not fair counting the Olympic athletes or the passengers on the TWA plane blown up in flight near Athens, or the Air France plane diverted to Idi Amin’s Entebbe, where Dora Bloch and others were killed, not fair counting Leon Klinghoffer, pushed into the sea off the Achille Lauro by laughing Arabs of the PLO, or PFLP, or this group or that — who cares when you’re having fun?  No, none of that would be relevant or politically correct to mention.

So there’s that casualty list. And because the Israelis have made amazing advances in technology, forging ahead with Iron Dome when the Americans told them it couldn’t be done, and since they have built bomb shelters all over, and distributed gas masks because they know their enemy, and know when to run, in orderly fashion, into those shelters, and because of many more things that Israelis know how to do and you and I don’t and hope we never have to, hope we never have to  endure what they do, as part of living in Israel surrounded by fanatical and cruel enemies, maddened by Islam, its texts, its teachings, its attitudes, its atmospherics, they will always suffer fewer casualties, in such brief encounters as the one in Gaza now until, if they ever lose or their enemies gain that technological advantage, it will be over for everyone in Israel and, at long last, those who keep putting out those casualty lists in an attempt, not always explicit, to make Israel into the villain, will not have the pleasure of that pastime but will, viewing the total destruction of the tiny state of Israel, experience a particular pleasure that had been waiting, underneath their nasty “evenhandedness” and phony compassion “for victims on both sides”  — all along.

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  1. I am in full agreement with those heroic Hamas fighters.
    They should continue to operate bare breasted and they should increase their numbers exponentially manifold.
    They should eschew bomb shelters. Instead they should continue to rely on their inexpensive, easy to obtain, fully compliant women, children and old folks.
    And they have every right to brag to the world about their courage, heroism and great successes.

    Mickey Oberman

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