Hizbuttnik Uthman Badar raving at 'Gaza on Fire' rally in Sydney

Excerpt of Uthman Badar speaking at ‘Gaza on Fire’ protest outside Egyptian consulate in Sydney, 26 Jul 2014, organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia.

One thought on “Hizbuttnik Uthman Badar raving at 'Gaza on Fire' rally in Sydney”

  1. What’s his problem with Israel? Why is he concerned with Palestinians? His parents escaped from an islamic hell hole to flee to Australia – so why isn’t he more concerned with and actually doing something about the plight his own people suffer under? And by ‘his own people’ – I certainly don’t mean Australians. His little muslim brain’s goal is to work overtime scheming up ways to get Australia to be part of the ‘caliphate’.

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