In Bendigo, the clueless and the stupid protest against "racism"

What you see here are ignorant yokels, a bunch of low information voters and  free loaders. This is a rent-a-crowd that doesn’t even know who bought them a free sausage. These peasants are  clueless tools who are happy to pose for a photo-op.

Tomorrow I’ll get twice that many to pose against Islam. And guess what: if I offer free beer I’ll manage to get a few thousand on their feet, wanna bet?

What a pathetic, ridiculous stunt!

r0_0_5184_3156_w1200_h678_fmax-1PEOPLE proudly rejected racism through a jubilant gathering at Hargreaves Mall on Saturday. (Bendigo Advertiser)

The mood was celebratory, with more than 300 people gathering at 10.30am to enjoy live music and a free sausage sizzle hosted by the Rotary Club of Bendigo.

At 11am City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Barry Lyons took to the stage, telling attendees the gathering sent a powerful message that racism would not be tolerated.

“This campaign is designed to raise awareness and confront prejudice in our community,” he said.

“Those subjected to racism can experience poor mental health and limited opportunities.”

Cr Lyons then led a pledge, which the crowd repeated.

“Racism. It stops with me. I will not tolerate racism in my community,” they said.

After the pledge attendees gathered in front of the stage for a group photo with their hands on their hearts – the pose linked to the “Racism. It Stops With Me” campaign by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Amna Ali, a Bendigo doctor and Pakistani Muslim, said she had never experienced racism in the city.

“I love people here … People are very welcoming,” she said.

“I was surprised by the reaction to the mosque – I never thought people were like this.”

Mrs Ali said media reports on Muslim extremists had made people fearful of Islam, but most Muslims were peace-loving.

“Extremism in any religion is unacceptable,” she said.

Aneesa Ollivier, an American Muslim who has been living in Bendigo for four years, said she was made to feel uncomfortable about her religion on two occasions in the city.

The first was when someone made a comment about her headscarf and the second was at a restaurant, when staff were rude to her about her dietary requests, seemingly taking issue with her religion.

But she said many people had expressed their support of her choice of religion in light of heated debate about the planned Bendigo mosque.

“I’ve made a lot of friends in town from all different cultures,” she said.

“Many have expressed gratitude for sticking around and they have showed their support.”

Minister Wendy Lovell and Member for Northern Victoria Amanda Millar also attended the event, telling the Bendigo Advertiser multiculturalism and religious diversity ought to be embraced.

“I live in Shepparton and we have had mosques there for several years,” Ms Lovell said. “Bendigo has nothing to fear.”

The event comes after a proposed mosque in Bendigo attracted heated protests, including a campaign that involved hanging black balloons on houses and landmarks.

A counter-campaign involving colourful balloons for tolerance was subsequently launched and many attendees brought colourful balloons to today’s event.

City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Barry Lyons was contacted by the Australian Human Rights Commission to join the campaign, which invites all Australians to reflect on what they can do to counter racism.

Throughout the week people have been posting photos of themselves making the pledge on Twitter, at: #ItStopsWithMeBendigo

11 thoughts on “In Bendigo, the clueless and the stupid protest against "racism"”

  1. Muhammadan are made of ….

    Can’t see “race” anywhere !

    So Therefore ….
    – You are all anti-islam !
    – you just haven’t realised it yet !!
    – but you will – soon !!!

    So Therefore ….
    – Don’t believe !
    – Read The Qur’an !!
    – or even just the Abrogated verses will tell you the truth about islam !!!

    Then – Welcome (back) to the Human Race – as you acknowledge ….
    ‘The Central Message of islam?’ ….
    Submit to islam, pay the jiziya with willing submission or we will kill you.”

  2. Why do people keep calling those against islam racist. Its a religion not a race. Therefor its ones choice to follow. Please can someone explain the link of racism and religion. If someone is against ones choice to follow murder of non believers, peodophilia, repression of women etc from a so called religion of peace, I fail to see how calling upon the racism card is even relivant.

  3. Islam is not a race. Therefore, disliking everything that Islam stands for is not racist.

    Bunch of illiterate dills in Bendigo, be careful what you wish for!

  4. Screeching “Racism!” is the only tool liberals/dhimmis/Muslims have for maintaining their self-righteousness and faux victimhood. It’s an addiction; therefore, it doesn’t have to make sense.

  5. Not Dhimmis(Assistors/Enablers/Traitors/Seditionists)….
    But Criminals(Assistors/Enablers/Traitors/Seditionists)….

    A Dhimmi is a historical term referring to non-Muslim citizens of an Islamic state.

    These “Tools/Idiots” do not live in an islamic state.
    These “Tools/Idiots” live in a Democratice state.

    But then again ….
    – Australians ARE paying the (illegal in Australia) halal religious tax promoted by the Australian Government.
    – Australians ARE paying welfare benefits to Muhammadan Criminals.
    – Australians ARE funding islamic schools in Australia.
    – and on and on it goes ….

    Oooops !
    – Sorry !
    – “the protestors” really ARE Dhimmis.

  6. Islam is an evil cult not a race it should not be encouraged or tolerated look around the world Muslims have been murdering inocent people in all corners of the globe.

  7. It does take a person of lesser intelligence to believe in the islamic doctrines, so these people will fit right in when asked to convert! Also, I hope they realise that latex ballons are more highly allergy inducing than peanuts or seafood (the more exposure, the greater the risk as it can induce allergy symptoms in those not known to be previously allergic after repeated exposure, hence most hospitals now have low latex or no latex policies in force!) and should not be released into the atmosphere, as well latex does not easily biodegrade. So on two counts they’ve committed really unintelligent acts!

  8. Omg…are u lot for real….I suggest u actually read the quarn….the great mohummed was a pedo phile ..yes he married a 6yo and was having sex with her by the time she was 9yo….islams in general will argue that this ok . ….so I say again …omg….plus islam is not a race of people but a evil cult…the quarn is ful of promises that if u kill those that dont follow u will get 70 vergins…..TO SUPPORT IS LAM IS TO SUPPORT PEDOPHILES. …

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