In Gaza, The War Aims

Arabs celebrate rockets in Amman, Hebron – and Israel (videos)

Here are Arabs in Hebron wildly celebrating the sight of Gaza terror rockets hurtling towards Israeli cities: thanks to the Elder of Ziyon

In Amman, Jordan, sweets were handed out on Saturday night at the news that some rockets had fallen on Tel Aviv (so far all rockets aimed at Tel Aviv have been intercepted)

In Gaza, The War Aims, by Hugh Fitzgerald

Hamas, whose sole reason for being is the destruction of the state of Israel, and nothing else, has one goal: to acquire as many missiles and rockets as it can, of the best quality it can, and to fire those missiles and rockets toward Israeli cities with the aim — the war aim — of killing as many Israelis as possible.

Israel has one goal: to prevent Hamas from acquiring, or if it has already acquired, destroying or otherwise removing, as many of those missiles and rockets as Hamas possesses, which are used to attempt to kil Israelis. And Israel is doing this while continuing to supply electricity and water to Gaza, and allowing hundreds of trucks to enter with food and medicin every day — something you don’t see mentioned by the BBC or The Guardian, do you? And in trying to take away these weapons that Hamas has stockpiled by the thousands, and hidden in houses, under mosques, in schools, and other places where it makes it hellishly difficult for Israel to find them and then, even if they do find them, to destroy them, nonethless continues to make, despite every conceivable provocation by those who would if they could destroy Israel and, most likely, Jews in and out of Israel, extraordinary efforts to minimize the number of casualties among those called, possibly a bit too charitably, “Palestinian” civilians.


Faced with an asymmetrically powerful opponent, Arab-Palestinian terrorist groups have no realistic hope of winning conflicts militarily. However, they can use conflict to strengthen their hand in a number of ways. By bringing violence to Israel’s door, in assaults where they have no hope of overwhelming their foe, their political esteem in the Islamic world is nonetheless raised substantially. The Arab-Palestinian populace, radicalised from youth, also finds favour in such conflicts, despite the hardship it often brings.

With the onset of any protracted conflict between Israel and the various Arab-Palestinian military factions, so much of the substance of a given fracas comes to be waged on television screens across the world. The fight, as per Hamas’ stated strategy, should be taken into civilian Arab-Palestinian areas, to use the people it purports to represent as human shields. Fittingly, its operational headquarters, during the 2009 Cast Lead war, was located in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital.

With every war comes graphic images of Arab-Palestinian suffering, ending in a public relations disaster for Israel. Some of this imagery is faked as has so often been the case in the past, or it can be stripped of context by elements in the media. Some journalists also follow far-fetched pro-Palestinian narratives without critique. Some reports featured subtle justification for the recent widespread Arab rioting. Some lay blame at Israel’s door for any act of self-defence, and interpret motives in a fashion wholly disconnected from obvious facts.

From France, reactions: (Google translation)

Among the comments to Ivan Rioufol’s defense of Israel’s right to defend itself:

marlan in response to the comment happy without bed | July 11, 2014 8:48 | Reply
Obviously, Germany say at least some moral debt to the Jews, is not it? Germany is not like France, involved up to their necks in the stuff of the great “Mediterranean cultural area” “interdependent”, for it has its cons Turks consider it a failure level assimilation. Islam is assimilated and this is exactly why the Spaniards at the time have finally decided long after the Reconquista, to expel its Moors. But when we ignore history, we are condemned to repeat it. One can deny Eurabia, can deny the clash of civilizations, we can deny everything. But facts are stubborn and some explanations provide more consistency than others. Understanding the behavior of Muslims in Europe is not rocket science – just to learn a little more about their doctrine, their culture and history. Nihil novi sub sole. An involutive society can qu’involuer. The attraction to death and unchangeable distant past which is their only future are the two great constants of Islam. We may not want to see. You can play Genefous. [Contributor, in the thread of a nasty about how Israel] can also give a hammer to the skull. Can all. And assume the consequences, of course.


marlan in response to comment Genefou | July 11, 2014 2:24 p.m. | Reply
Fortunately, the ridicule does not kill again, with your psittacisées after leftist mantras statements! The “proportionate” response would have been to kill THREE Arab teens and dancing for joy in the streets afterwards. The “proportionate” response would have been that the entire population protects murderers and the police never found. The “proportionate” response would have been for Israel against the Palestinian territory takes hundreds of rockets especially in the destination cities wherever they graves provided that cause the most damage possible, especially and preferably human life . Israel has absolutely no obligation held against a fanatical enemy that has no accepted either and whose sole purpose is to destroy Israel. Israel has no obligation held against a fanatical enemy who uses human, preferably women and children, the height of absolute barbarism any Muslim, as “shields”. War against an adversary whose goal is your destruction does not know the concept of “proportionality”. This is useful for Arab-European idiots sitting very far in their comfortable chairs commentators blissfully ignorant.

Is this something that may be more typical than this kind of hypocritical and deceitful speech European Islamo-leftism “In this conflict that has lasted nearly 70 years, both parties are responsible but if successive Israeli governments “I need regular. Warning, the largest number begins: “BOTH parties are responsible” (manipulative pseudo-balanced misleading introduction), but its accuser true peak to the only part really is just then referred the following: “…. BUT if ISRAELI. .. “(to be completed according to the context). ALWAYS Israelis who are responsible. Tell us Genefou, you may list here concessions (required always systematically Israelis) made ​​in 70 years by the Arabs?

marlan in response to comment Genefou | July 11, 2014 6:27 p.m. | Reply
“The (legitimate) defense must be proportionate to the attack”

With people “reasoning” like you, we would have lost the Second World War said in a jiffy. Who murdered three Israeli teens, lightning blue sky? Who sought deliberately provocative, to classical Muslim contempt for human life (that have three Jews, these “pigs and monkeys”)? Which resumed firing rockets, almost every day since the beginning of this year, against his neighbor? Who sought deliberately provocative? Hundreds of rockets against Israel this year it. With what purpose? Small fires harmless trick to appeal to European moralizing your gender? Each was designed to kill, if possible and as many people as possible. They are intentionally drawn from populated areas, their launch sites as soon as possible are placed next to the hospital, if not actually in the course of these (videos filmed by drones and proving exist) and propagandists like you want to silence these facts. If you have a gun on you and you attack a big bruiser in a dark hallway with a knife, what do you do when you surprise the knife at his throat? Tell us your proportionate defense, preferably one that allows you to stay alive after applying? From one year to another, Muslim terrorist organizations whose sole purpose is the destruction of Israel, are better equipped hardware efficient destruction, because hundreds of thousands of good Muslims are also far they of Israel do in life nothing but provide other Muslims (who are in life nothing but to wait) the means to destroy Israel. Nothing comes of the Muslim world, if not the rockets and other missiles more sophisticated and more dangerous to the world, because Israel is a stage. If these Muslim terrorist organizations (which may take the form of a State) will not be permanently taken out of harm’s way, one day one only “proportionate”, and this at a global level, will the atomic bomb. I cordially wish you to be a witness.