“Intolerance” means not pleasing Muslim Australia: Vic Alhadeff resigns

Community Relations Commission chairman Vic Alhadeff resigns after Gaza furore

 Vic Alhadeff resigns 

'Considerable regret': Vic AlhadeffThe NSW Community Relations Commission chairman, Vic Alhadeff, has quit after his controversial comments defending Israel’s attacks on Gaza caused a furore between Sydney’s Jewish and Muslim groups. (Mohammedan supremacy demands that Jews do not defend themselves.)

Israel resumes shelling of Gaza Strip

Decision to restart bombardment comes after Hamas rejects Israeli terms for 24-hour extension of humanitarian ceasefire. (Israel resumed shelling after Hamas continued firing rockets that killed a soldier while Israel was in an unilateral ceasefire.)

Five Pali terrorists have been killed in shelling met their virgins after Israel ended a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, medics said.


The Hand of G-d

The hand grenade that saved a life

Israeli media  reported on an unusual incident last week where an IDF soldier was shot by a Gaza sniper with a Kalashnikov.

The bullet was blocked – by the soldier’s hand grenade.

9 thoughts on ““Intolerance” means not pleasing Muslim Australia: Vic Alhadeff resigns”

  1. well all I can say is islam in Australia better get used to Australians becoming less & less tolerant of their never ending crap.
    We Infidolls & Infidels are making it our mission to expose islam for all that it is, you’ve picked the wrong country, mess with Oz & we’ll fuck you over. It’s the people who run this country, we just let the Gov’s think they do.

  2. Ah- Suzie – luv ya ‘tude !
    And your “submission” is awe sum(magnificient) tooo !

    The Gov’s still gotta go to jail though !

  3. Found you by mistake. Don’t know exactly who you are, but I love you, love you, love you. You have relieved my terror this day, which I spent trembling about a threatened march in Sydney. Those Islamist bastards have attacked Canadian Jews physically, and they went berserk in France, attacking a total of 9 synagogues plus the people praying in one of them. And our ABC and SBS mention none of it. Heart goes out to Vic Alhadeff : Tell the truth, which always offends Muslims, and you’re “intolerant.” Community harmony to them means just agreeing with all their horror and evil. Hypocrisy is what they insist on from us. Am so sick of all this. HOW and WHY did governments allow them into our beautiful country? HELP ME to HELP YOU. e-mail me, and tell me what to do to help. If I had a gun and was young again I’d be a sniper at the local mosques. Not a joke. I would. Have had it with them. Was born during Hitler, family killed, and now we have to cower again, not go into Sydney City, because this human garbage, the religion of peace, will attack us. ENOUGH. My name really is Sheila, and I don’t have a funny one to offer except perhaps Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s wonderful INFIDEL.

  4. good on ya,Aussies. I appreciate how you voice your beliefs, I wish we Americans were as blunt. Ilived in Australia for seven years,and miss it. I’m afraid America isn’t as much for the Jewish people as it was before Obama.

  5. @Suzie Infidoll

    “you’ve picked the wrong country, mess with Oz & we’ll fuck you over. It’s the people who run this country, we just let the Gov’s think they do.”

    Bravo. Fight on sister! That is the attitude that I expect and admire from the Aussie. Direct, straight forward and having little tolerance for the absurd and stupid.


    Much of the American population is still pro-Israel, do not confuse the neocommunist and anti-Jewish attitude of the Obama regime with the US people. Have hope.

    Sheila Novitz,


    You are not alone. There is more of us then the MSM wants you to believe.

  6. Hi Sheila.

    You only just found this site?

    Do you know about Robert Spencer and Jihadwatch? Also, check out a site called “New English Review”.

    And a great pro-Israel Aussie site is the Daphne Anson blogspot.

    Join Q Society here in Oz: we’re just getting started on the Resistance to Islamisation. The more people join and subscribe, the bigger the “voice” we can have.

    I’m a non-Jewish Aussie but right now I’m wearing a Star of David pendant (to remind me to pray for the peace of Jerusalem…and for a decisive IDF victory over Gaza hamasnik jewhaters) and will be, most days, till Israel decides they’ve dealt with Jihad Armed Camp Gaza. And because of that…just this morning I’m walking along my own street where I live, and I had to decide whether to leave that pendant visible, or hide it, when I realized that a large mohammedan family – bloke with huge black beard, wife covered from head to foot except her face, swarm of kids – was in front of me, just getting into their car. Yup, there are mohammedans on my street now. Kinda like having a Nazi or Mafioso family move in.

    These Let’s Hate Israel massed threat displays in our streets aren’t just alarming me…they’re making me FURIOUS.

    The Muslim hounding of Vic Alhadeff – after he simply stated the plain truth – to the point where he resigned, had me so angry I couldn’t see straight.

    Please, please, please, is anybody organising pro-Israel rallies in the three major state capitals – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne – as well as the national capital, Canberra? They need to happen fast and they need to be BIG, bigger than the Muslim hate displays that have already happened. Advertise here on Winds of Jihad and with Q Society and at Jihadwatch – and let New English Review know – and then all the Aussie Resistance who frequent those sites will be there with bells on.

  7. I am Australian, live in mexico now. Love it, dont have to put up with Australia going backwards in its approach to the intolerant muslim community. In fact, Have never met a muslim in mexico. They got something right lol.
    What ever happened to Australia and the land of the free and free speech. You do not have to be racist not to like someone or what they stand for. But muslims have a way of doing that. They scream for an end to the pounding Israel is giving hamas in gaza while not mentioning the rockets going into Israel. They implore the world to make Israel retreat from gaza but make no mention of the tunnels that allow terrorists to go into Israel. They scream to the UN to try Israel for war crimes while openly firing rockets into civilian populated areas. They say Israel targets civilians, while hamas place weapons and fire rockets from amoung willing civilians. This makes the civilians combatants. The Australian government and the Australian people have only one responsability here, and that is to stick to the facts, the muslims are playing games. Australians are supposed to be intelligent and not unable to know right from wrong. The muslims are wrong. The talk wrong, do wrong and see all wrong. DO Australians have to be that stupid also. Don´t think so. Congrats to vic Alhadeff for speaking up how most Australians feel. He should not let his constituants down and retire. We need more in goverment like him.

  8. PS……muslims enacting hate Israel rallies are violating australias anti racist laws???????

  9. Opposing Islam is not “racism”, because I could convert to be Muslim tomorrow, without changing my “race”. Don’t worry! I would rather be dead than Muslim; I am just making a point. Islam is a belief system, held by people of various “races”. Islam is evil.

    I second that comment about joining the Q Society. See:
    Be sure to read the info there, especially “Q Explains”.
    Note that subscribing to the online newsletter “Q Wire” does NOT register you as a formal Supporter of the Q Society; to be a supporter, you need to fill out the registration form, and sign it.

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