Israel Retaliates, Enemedia Whines About 'Disproportionate Response'

10413293_791982690836216_5758920664302456105_nSince the beginning of Operation Brother’s Keeper, security forces have arrested more than 450 Palestinians. Among them were Hamas members and others suspected of terrorist activity. Two radio and television stations have been closed in the framework of the operation and more than 2,000 homes have been searched.

A memorial near the United Nations headquarters in New York, 30 June

Israel has vowed retribution against Hamas, the militant Palestinian group it accuses of the kidnap and murder of three teenagers.


“Their goal is to bring the victory of Islam”

Fireworks: Israel bombs Gaza

Al Jizz journaillie whines about “the children”- which for them means Hamas children. Right after they murdered OUR CHILDREN!

As you can see, ISIS has a lot of support in Gaza:

Al Monitor reported that the major Salafist group in Gaza had declared allegiance to ISIS.

isil1There were no deaths, but the strikes traumatised the community that was hit. 

African migrants protest Israeli treatment

Simple: Israel is Jewish land. Israel is not Africa. It must remain so.