Okay then, here's Wally, the 'Fairfax columnist'

“Palestinians are not rich Westerners, and so their lives simply don’t matter”. 

Waleed AlyI guess it takes a Vitrioli to top it off with “rich white people”- Wally will add it next time, I’m sure. But I can tell you that many of the Pal’s, especially their terrorist leaders, have become immensely rich by stealing money meant for their people. And the rest of them, if they would chose to live productive lives instead of waging a genocidal jihad against the Jews, they could be just as rich as anyone else for that matter. Nothing comes of banging your head on the floor and cursing the Jews. Smoke that in your hookah, Aly!

Wally hates that the Egyptians don’t hate the Jews more than the Hamas terrorists:

Consider the Egyptian press, which has wholeheartedly embraced the Israeli offensive. “Sorry Gazans, I cannot support you until you rid yourselves of Hamas,” wrote Adel Nehaman in Al-Watan. He was comprehensively outdone by Al-Ahram’s Azza Sami who tweeted “Thank you Netanyahu, and God give us more men like you to destroy Hamas”. Then she prayed for the deaths of all “Hamas members, and everyone who loves Hamas”. Meanwhile, television presenter Tawfik Okasha urged Egyptians to “forget Gaza”, adding for colour that “Gazans are not men” because they don’t “revolt against Hamas”. That, presumably includes the hospital patients or the kids playing football on the beach who have been bombed in the past week or so.

Gerhard Henderson’s take in the Oz is more interesting than Wally’s drivel:


Yet another moral lecture by Waleed Aly in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age this morning.

Mr Aly (for a doctor he has not yet become) has trod a familiar left-wing career path — Monash University’s politics department, Fairfax Media columnist and ABC Radio National presenter.

Waleed Aly’s line this morning was that something of the “magnitude” of the 37 Australians dead in the MH17 disaster “happens just about every week on our roads”. So, what’s the big deal? Also, what about Gaza where “nearly 600 people — overwhelmingly civilians, a third of whom are children have been killed”? It seems that the Fairfax Media columnist is unaware that scores of children died on MH17.

Aly concluded that “Palestinians are not rich Westerners, and so their lives simply don’t matter”. He went on to bag the secular regime in Egypt which is in conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood and, consequently, at odds with Hamas.

What’s missing from Waleed Aly’s column this morning is any condemnation of the Sunni Hamas terrorist organisation (which has fired indiscriminately some 2000 missiles into Israel aimed at children, women and men) or any condemnation of the Sunni self-proclaimed Islamist State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) organisation which is busy murdering Shiite Muslims in Iraq and Syria. Nor is there any acknowledgment, right now, that the prime killers of Muslims in the Arab lands are not Israelis or Christians but other Muslims. According to reports, more Syrians died in the Syrian civil war this week than died in Gaza over the past two weeks.