Sacrificed for the cause? Was the gay Arab boy murdered to incite a new intifada?


When Arab Muslims murder Jews, the world yawns. However, the savage who killed Shelly Dadon has been caught:

Police Arrest Arab Suspect in Murder of Shelly Dadon

img505237In a dramatic development Sunday, police have announced that the murder of Afula teenager Shelly Dadon has been solved. Arab taxi driver confesses to murder of Afula teenager ‘for nationalistic reasons’; reconstructs the act.

News of the dramatic breakthrough comes on the same day as police announced arrests of several Jewish extremists in the murder of Arab teen Mohammed Abu-Khder. ABC just reported a ‘suspected Jewish extremist’ has been arrested.

Pierre Rehov:

We are still waiting for the official results of the investigation, but if it is revealed that Jews did that, it would be devastating. If Jews took revenge this way, they dishonored the whole country. Regardless, Israel is giving an exemple to the rest of the world by seeking and revealing the truth.

But till the last second I will keep hope that Muslims are guilty of this barbarian act. If not, I can only say, after Golda Meir : ” We will forgive Arabs to kill our children. We will never forgive them to make us kill theirs ”

Major development in kidnapping-murder case of Arab teen: Arrests reportedly made
arab-teen-300x300Suspicion was mounting that the kidnapping and murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir was carried out for nationalistic reasons, to advance the jihad against Israel, according to Israeli media reports.  Palestinians Arabs have claimed that the murder was carried out by Jews in revenge for the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teens last month.

Amid calls for a third intifada, thousands of Palestinians gathered in east Jerusalem on Friday during a violent and highly charged funeral procession for the murdered teen.

An autopsy report released Saturday revealed that the teen was burned alive.

The Arab propaganda machine is spinning like Iranian centrifuges:


 Meanwhile, in Londonistan:

A rent a crowd of leftist kaputniks and muselmanic trash protest against Israeli policies in London
Hundreds protest against Israeli policies in LondonAround 600 demonstrators gather opposite the Israeli embassy to protest against Israel’s continued attacks on Palestinians. (Its from the Turk Bull, so in reality it was perhaps 60)

 Also in attendance were “Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism,” a Jewish group critical of Israel’s policies. (Its probably the Neturai Karta, a bunch of Iran financed loons in Jewish costumes)

There are no Jews in the pictures. All they got is some Mustards with a poster that says something about Jews:


6 thoughts on “Sacrificed for the cause? Was the gay Arab boy murdered to incite a new intifada?”

  1. That little boy didn’t have a chance. Being so feminine, he’d probably already been abused for years.

  2. Again, it is not clear what has happened. The news media, quoting PA reports. claim that the Israeli police have arrested six Israeli radicals – if so this is indeed a sad day for Israel. Even more troubling, it will allow the lunatic muslim ratbags to justify all the murders they will now commit within the “framework” of their fraudulent “religion”. However, it is still far more likely that the young Arab boy was murdered by his own. What is particularly annoying is that western media outlets simply do not have the honesty or intelligence to research any major story in this troubled region properly. I really see a need to bring many editors to a court of law , where they can explain to the public their rather selective filters in any issue where PC issues raise their ugly heads. Note that the media have conveniently forgotten about the three young Israelis who were murdered – I guess they were not important.

    As for the demonstrators – even though you may disagree

  3. This article raises the question as to the possibility that the Arab boy was murdered by other Arabs, in order to incite another intifada.
    I consider it to be far more likely that the the murder of the 3 Israelis was a Mossad, “false flag”” operation, intended to give the Israelis an excuse, to unleash another wave of death & destruction against the Palestinians & that the murder of the Palestinian boy was committed by Jewish settlers, reacting to the Israeli government’s dis-information campaign , which was intended to raise the level of anti Palestinian mind set, in order to justify another wave of Israeli atrocities against the helpless, & hapless Palestinians.
    Please be reminded that the motto of the Mossad is,..”By deception thou shalt do war”,..& as history shows, the Israelis are past masters in the art of ,..deceit,..

  4. Would you mind not referring to this filth just as “Arabs”? Many good Arabs are Christians, Jews and of other non-Muslim extraction and suffer badly from the Islamic virus.

  5. @Kaw,

    Well said. The MSM have long put a nail in their own coffin and deserve zero pity.

    Newspapers like the Guardian (UK) and the NYT (US) have long admitted to being open supporters of the Communist and not to mention their editors or writers being in the pay of the Soviets.

    The MSM deserve nothing but contempt and distrust.

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