Thailand: "this [is the kind of work] which often happens during Ramadan…."

A car bomb has killed at least two people and injured 36 outside a hotel in southern Thailand, police say.

2014529174257763734_20Deep South Watch, a group that monitors the area, said on Thursday that 6,159 people had been killed and 14,329 suffered injuries in violence related to the low-level insurgency that flared up in 2004 after years of relative calm.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who has lead the military government in power in Thailand since May, warned security officials in the area to be vigilant during the remaining days of Ramadan.


In the Central African Republic, Muslims, who are 15% of the population, demand half the country

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Central African Republic rebel chief rejects ceasefire

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Seleka rebels in the Central African Republic have rejected a ceasefire deal and demanded the country be partitioned between Muslims and Christians.

In an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Harding, Seleka military chief Joseph Zoundeiko said his forces would ignore the ceasefire agreed on Thursday.

He said the deal had been negotiated without proper input from the military wing of the former Seleka alliance.