The 'Human Rights' of Islamic Terrorists

Al-Qaeda bomb plotter pleads to Europe for his freedom

Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, slams ‘unacceptable’ interference by Strasbourg judges as one of Britain’s most dangerous terrorists claims his rights were infringed.

One of Britain’s most dangerous al-Qaeda terrorists is seeking to have his conviction overturned on human rights grounds, The Telegraph can disclose.

Abdulla Ahmed Ali, the ringleader of a suicide plot which could have killed 10,000 people, has gone to the European Court of Human Rights to claim his human rights were infringed by publicity before he was convicted of conspiracy to murder.

Abdulla_Ahmed_Ali__2721545bAbdulla Ahmed Ali, one of Britain’s most dangerous al-Qaeda terrorists, is claiming his human rights were infringed. (Telegraph)

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  1. So much for all the BS about Nazis in Europe. Where are they when we need them to crack heads?

  2. Well. they are definately not as violent as the scum from anifa and other socialist groups. Incidentally, do the sums – even given the Nazi party prediliction for murder, the socialists who infect this planet still have a massive superioritiy in the numbers they have murdered when compared to the Nazis. Both were bad, but somehow scum like antifa and other left wing groups have managed to avoid severe criticsm in the media.

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