Turkish Columnist Demands That Chief Rabbi Denounce Israel To Prevent A Pogrom In Turkey

Or else:
Once again we see the Turks threatening genocide. For all their history, Turks  have been savages.  Without a second thought, they apply collective guilt with the intention to murder the few thousand Jews that have managed to survive in Turkey. Needless to mention that Turkish thug in chief Tayyip Erdogan accuses Israel of “genocide” and “terrorism”, which is typical Mohammedan projection.

Here. http://www.defenddemocracy.org/media-hit/merve-tahiroglu-a-call-to-the-chief/

86The threat of a  pogrom against Jews in Turkey — not veiled but express –  can be found at the very end, where Faruk Kose, the journalist, mentions the events of September 1955: “I am concerned that a social rage that is being built against the Jews, will eventually result in the same consequences that the September 6-7 events in 1955 against our Greek citizens had.”

children_butcheredThose “events” were a series of mob attacks by Turkish Muslims on Greeks, in which the Greek-owned shops and other businesses were destroyed, and Turkish mobs attacked Greeks at will all over Istanbul.  It was this event that led the Greeks to finally flee Turkey, leaving only a few thousand in all of the country, where, not four decades before, there had been millions, and Constantinople itself had been a city whose population was 50% Christian, rather than 1%, as today. Those events also led to a Turkish military coup, and the downfall of Adnan Menderes, the Turkish prime minister who was subsequently executed. The historian Speros Vryonis wrote a book about those attacks on Greeks in Turkey, the final one, the one that led to the final collapse of the Greek community in  The Mechanism of  Catastrophe.

Meanwhile,  complicit western media prattles on about the “children”

They want their children to be ‘martyrs’. They breed and overbreed to annihilate us. What about our children?