UK: calling Muslim terrorists who go to wage jihad in Syria 'terrorists' will make them become terrorists…

You gotta hand it to these Koranimals: they have a hubris and a gall that takes your breath away. What’s totally frustrating is of course that British politprops are taking these troglodytes seriously when they should never be given the light of day:

Muslim leaders in the UK have warned against laws that automatically brand British fighters in Syria as terrorists.

It comes as Home Secretary Theresa May launches a campaign today to discourage young men from going to fight in Syria and Iraq. A short film will focus on the distress it can cause their families.

But some in the Muslim community have told Sky News the Government’s legal stance on fighting abroad could “increase the risk” to the UK.

copy-cropped-img_0452Abdullah al Andalusi, a senior researcher at the Muslim Debate Initiative,Mohammedan agitprop, said: “It’s hypocritical of the UK Government to expect Muslims not to go, if they feel they want to fight in a just war.

“Bertrand Russell, George Orwell – they went to the Spanish civil war, people were going to fight Gaddafi in Libya and that was all fine.

Well, Bertrand Russell and George Orwell didn’t wage war to make the world Islamic and “to strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers”. I’m not in the market for counterfeit Mohammedan currency. Are you?

In other news:

Motherly Love: Female who calls herself ‘British’ parades 4-year old son on Twitter calling more Brits to wage jihad

Jihad Boy

A boy was paraded on twitter to advertise jihad by a woman who claims to be his British mother, meaning that he too is a British national. The child, thought to be about four years old, was pictured with an assault rifle as part of a series of tweets to encourage more British women to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq.– Breitbart