Worldwide Jitters Over Airport Security

UK under threat from jihadi bomb makers with ‘devilish technical skill’

Britain faces a new attack from jihadi bomb makers with the “devilish technical skill” to make explosive devices concealed in mobile phones and tablet computers, parliament’s intelligence watchdog says today.

Enjoy this:

SUN TV may be the last TV station on Earth, possibly outside the Czech republic, where the newscaster corrects the PC feed and says: “terrorists”. She still didn’t say Muslim but at least its pushing back part way. They do say “jihadists” though. (Vlad Tepes)

For years, sheik yer’mami has been demanding compulsory Enemas for Mohammedans. WTF is nobody listening?


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2 thoughts on “Worldwide Jitters Over Airport Security”

  1. I hate to say this but l think the world needs some major Islamic terrorist attacks that kill thousands of innocents to try to wake the lefties from their comas.
    Failing this, perhaps for every Muslim it should be mandatory to have to drink a strong laxative at least 12 hours before a flight followed by a mandatory X-ray before boarding.

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