Agreements with Mohammedans are not worth the paper they're written on

All treaties with Mohammedans are based on Muhammad’s Treaty of Hudaybiyya.

Radicals reject Australia, boycott Tony Abbott

RADICAL Islamic groups have launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister’s call for Australian Muslims to join “Team Australia”, urging all Islamic leaders to boycott meetings with the PM.

All Islam is “radical”- resistance to Islam is a provocation that calls for jihad. Abbott was extremely foolish to sit down with Mohammedan “leaders”.

038039-83876cca-2779-11e4-a9df-29aa57e785d4Some of the Muslim leaders who did agree to meet with Prime Minister Tony Abbott / Picture: Aaron Francis

And in an extraordinary rift, the extremist Muslims have even turned on their own leader, Australia’s Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu ­Mohamed, lambasting him for meeting Mr Abbott on Monday to discuss new laws to safeguard Australians from a potential jihadist terrorist attack.

Fanatic Uthman Badar loses another forum to spout his brand of hate


032197-48884262-276e-11e4-a9df-29aa57e785d4Uthman Badar, Media officer for Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia / Picture: John Appleyard

CONTROVERSIAL Islamic activist Uthman Badar has been banned from speaking at the University of WA after outrage over his links to ­extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The Sydney academic was barred from speaking at the Opera House in June amid community outrage at a proposed speech at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas on how honour killings were “morally justified”.

Mr Badar (pictured right), the Australian spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, said his speech was cancelled because he wouldn’t “toe the secular liberal line”.

Hizb ut-Tahrir promotes a hardline Islamic position on sharia law, backs jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq and supports terror attacks on Israel.

“What the government and media are targeting is not just violence. That’s the cover. Even if you’re not violent, you’re attacked with the same ferocity,” Mr Badar told his followers on Facebook.

“In this sense, the target is Islam directly — those parts of it that don’t accord with secular liberal values.”

The UWA Muslim Students Association told vice-chancellor Paul Johnson yesterday morning it would cancel Mr Badar’s planned lecture, titled “Gaza Crisis”.

4 thoughts on “Agreements with Mohammedans are not worth the paper they're written on”

  1. Radical islam is islam. Moderate islam is the Trojan Horse.

    Moderate islam are the Muhammadans who pretend they are ‘nice’.
    [Page 104]


    1. Exterminate kafirs.
    – Christians/Jews must pay Jizya tax to Muslims, accept dimmi status as per Quran 9.29 or die.
    – Murder of kafirs is a divine, holy act guaranteeing accession to Paradise.
    2. Declare Jihad to conquer the kafirs.
    – War against kafirs is a divine act.
    3. Rape kafir women (no matter their age.)
    – Own and rape sex slaves.
    – Rape Muslim wives.
    – Rape is a divine act.
    – Marry Muslim child brides is Sunna.
    4. Own and breed slaves.
    – Slavery is a divine institution of the AntiGod.
    5. Loot/plunder kafir property.
    – Robbery is sunna.
    6. Destroy all other religions.
    7. Impose Sharia Law.
    8. Stone/whip adulterers.
    9. Assassinate Islam’s enemies.
    10. Murder all those who challenge Islam.
    11. Impose Islamic supremacy.
    12. Terrorize kafirs.
    13. Torture kafirs.
    14. Murder homosexuals.
    – Murder apostates of Islam.
    15. Preach hate of Jews/Christians/ all other kafirs.

    These are the sacraments of the AntiGod Allah sanctifying the divine actions of The Muhammadan ‘male’.
    This is the religious freedom Dhimmis(President Obama/Bloomberg and all the other political/media/’intellectual’ elites) supporting Islam are fighting for under the guise of religious freedom.
    The AntiGod Allah is no God and Islam is no religion.
    All those supporting Islam are supporting not democracy and freedom but totalitarianism.
    Islam stands against everything Freedom stands for.
    We are on the verge of entering a black hole from which we can never emerge – Stop islam – Wake Up.

  2. The PM was certainly not behaving as a proper dhimmi! Where was the submission & humiliation ? uppity non-muslem need to “know your place”!

  3. Agree Harbidoll.

    However why even talk to these scum (muslims) – they have nothing to offer andthey are liars.

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