Are you saying Obama is not complicit in this?


alalam_635385089615085662_25f_4x3If Obama had nipped it in the bud in January the Islamic State would still be cowering under a rock somewhere in northern Syria. It claims an army of 10,000 (in Arabic that means 5,000) and that would barely make a decent crowd at an ARL match.

Obama’s “humanitarian” support in Iraq is limited to the Kurds, Christians and the Yazidis in the north. He refuses to put troops on the ground because that would illuminate another Obama fuck-up.

The ISIS travels in straight conspicuous lines in the back of utes, shooting at everything that moves, there is nowhere for them to hide and a setting sun casts long shadows on a barren landscape.  If he chose to, Obama could wipe out this lot of ISIS scum in a weekend … but only with troops on the ground supported by airstrikes. That’s the way wars work. No doubt Abbott is keen to get boots on the ground but he needs Obama to find his balls and forget golf. (Pickering Post)

Alright, here comes ze French:

900 French citizens recruited to Islamic State jihad

isis-fighters“There are today nearly 900 from France who are part of this phenomenon, either in the theatre of operations in Syria or in Iraq.” This reflects rather seriously upon what is taught in mosques in France. Is there any investigation into that? If not, why not?

“Iraq Crisis: 900 French Citizens Recruited to Islamic State Jihad in Middle East,” by Gianluca Mezzofiore, International Business Times, August 13, 2014:

France’s interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has stated that nearly 900 French citizens have travelledto the Middle East to fight on the side of Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq and some have joined the Islamic State militias.

Islamic savage who threatened to “gladly cut the throats of Aussie dogs that oppose Islam” was not identified out of fears for his safety.

He was merely suspended from his job as a customer service representative after his employer was alerted to the post, which warned all opponents of Islam ‘will perish in the fiery pits of hell’. – (Pamela Geller)


But the real problem is Israel defending itself

JERUSALEM—The appointment by the United Nations of an outspoken critic of Israel to head a commission investigating alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza has been termed “a complete travesty of justice” by Israel’s ambassador to the UN.


One thought on “Are you saying Obama is not complicit in this?”

  1. I’m pretty sure that Obummer could take out them murderers by using drone strikes. You wouldn’t even have to put boots on the ground.

    They could even be lured out of the cities using a pack of goats as bait, they wouldn’t be able to resist it.

    Arm the Kurds, send ‘advisors’ for the strikes and use drones. Job done and let the scumbags in Australia have a one way trip to allalalville.

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