Cultured Reason vs Headchoppaphobia

EL-MO  (Tim Blair)

Mark Steyn on that picture: 

If you think the picture’s appalling, consider the Australian establishment’s reaction. Could you turn Khaled Sharrouf’s son into a functioning Australian citizen? Maybe. In theory. But, in practice, no – not if the limp-wristed hand-wringing of the deluded multicultists is any indication … first, the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Bill Shorten, who thinks it’s a parenting issue:

“As a parent, I have no idea how you could ever let your child be in that situation. I think that’s shocking,” the Opposition Leader said.

Perhaps we need some sort of federal parenting class, in which prospective parents have to pick the age-appropriate toy for their infant to play with:

a) severed head of Assad supporter;
b) severed head of Mosul Christian;
c) severed head of Kurdish Yazidi;
d) bloody pulped remains of post-stoning Ramadi adulteress;
e) Tickle-Me Elmo.

Do read on.

The ABC’s Jonathan Green:

Could be any day now … the sudden indiscriminate smack of a terrorist attack.”

“Our best defence is of course our cultured reason. Our tolerance. Our audacious confidence in the fundamental goodness of others.”

Interesting theory. It deserves to be tested. (Tim Blair)

The ABC is out of control:

Far-Left ABC presenter Jonathan Green believes there is little difference between a jihadist cutting off heads to a politician promising to stop him:

Its not only the extreme mental flatulence that makes these leftards so annoying. They  simply lack basic  ingredients to be blathering on  about “cultured reason”, they haven’t got any.

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