Islamic Jew-hatred: imported into Western society by third word invaders…

Sydneysiders have rallied in support of both “Palestine” and Israel in two separate events in Sydney on Sunday.

Palli supporters shut down Max Brenner in Newtown (1 August 2014)

 Oz / Brennerphobia / Polis doing nothing? (thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

The Bolt Report 3 July – Andrew Bolt on the war on Gaza and Islamic Jew-hatred imported into Western society by mass-immigration.

Some facts and footage you won’t normally see on Australian TV.

On Hamas and Israel. 

Most Reporters blame Israel…however Hamas has broken all 4 ceasefires…If Israel stands down then the missiles keep coming..If Israel hits back they are accused of war crimes. Either way the Jews lose and that smells of Anti Semitism…

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of one of the founders of Hamas, gives here an insight in the true nature of Hamas our “Friends of Palestine” probably don’t like to be known more widely.

Son of Hamas Founder: ‘Obama Needs to Stand By Israel’
Thousands turn out for pro-Israel protests
A crowd of about 10,000 has pledged its support in Sydney for Israel in a conflict it… 9NEWS.COM.AU
PDLA  Patriots Defence League - Australia's photo.

P.D.L.A members attended a great rally today organised by Brisbanes Jewish community to call for an end to the Hamas terrorism. Great work, and congratulations on a great turnout.

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  1. Or an anti-semite. There are those who just want Israel to “lose”, not caring who “wins”.

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