Melbourne Rally For Israel Today Sunday August 10 2014: Be There!

by Christina McIntosh

A last-minute call for any and all readers of this blog who may happen to hail from or live within reasonable travelling distance of Melbourne, state capital of Victoria, Australia.

Here is your opportunity to Stand With Israel and to declare your solidarity with the jihad-beleaguered Jewish state of Israel and with Jews of the diaspora (including those in Australia) who over the past month have been assailed by a rising tide of antisemitism.

Don blue and white and make your way to the steps of Parliament House in Spring Street, Melbourne, tomorrow (Aussie time), Sunday 10 August 2014; the rally officially begins from 12 noon.

Last weekend between 7000 and 10000 persons, Jews and some Gentiles, held a massive pro-Israel rally at Dover Heights in Sydney.

Let’s see whether Melbourne can rise to the occasion and match or exceed those Sydney numbers!

In other news:

Over 200 of the enemy ambushed and killed. And not a single hair on the head of a single innocent civilian was touched. And it’s been that way for more than 3 years of fighting in Syria. That’s because Arabs are doing the fighting, not Jews from Israel.–Here.


Here.( by Hugh Fitzgerald)

But which Arab troops? Not the Moroccans — too far away, too worried about local problems, including the usual domestic fanatics. Not the Algerians — they have their hands full with FIS, and AQAM in the south. Not Tunisia, which also has its hands full with those who want Rashid Ghannouchi, or something worse, back in power. Only Egypt is the likely candidate. What’s in it for Egypt? Well, doesn’t Egypt, which needs money, deserve to be paid for its services from Libyan oil revenues, should those come back? Wouldn’t that make sense?

But I repeat myself. I find it necessary to repeat, repeat, repeat practically everything.

From the Religion of Peace:


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  1. Hi, I got to the demo today and it was a credit to the organizers as it was very well done. Everyone was very well behaved and peaceful:)

    I only found out about the demo last night via jihadwatch. it was a shame it was not better publicised as many more people should have been there

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