MSNBC Tard: There’s a U.S. ‘War on Black Boys’

 MSNBC contributor Michelle Bernard said the U.S. is on the verge of experiencing a “genocide” of young black men.

Obama Sends Arsonist to Put Out Flames in Ferguson (Moonbattery)

Encouraging the looting and mayhem in Ferguson is textbook community organizing that would make Saul Alinsky proud. That’s why Obama sent hard core black power radical Eric Holder totake over in Ferguson. It’s also why Holder was annoyed by the release of video showing Michael Brown committing a strong-arm robbery right before he was killed. Even among the community Holder refers to as “my people,” it is probably easier to keep a mob stoked if they can be duped into thinking they are rioting in the name of an innocent victim rather than a sociopath.

Via Hope n’ Change cartoons:

VidiotNo informed individual would expect Eric Holder to refrain from splashing gasoline on the fire, much less to take an even-handed approach.

The ultra-radical New Black Panthers — whose members have called publicly for the murder of white children — have taken a leading role in prolonging the mayhem. Holder has a record with the NBP; he was willing to incur significant political risk to help them get away with deploying goons to scare whites away from the polls on election day.

It would be difficult to imagine worse “leadership” than the malevolent anti-white radicals liberal elitists have placed in the White House. We would be far better off picking the president by lottery than letting the establishment media and the human cattle it controls decide.

Ferguson Mayhem: ‘ISIS Here,’ ‘Homemade Bombs,’ and Obama Takes 5 Hours for… Nutrition Policy?


Ferguson Looter: ‘I’m Proud of Us. We Deserve This’

ISIS militants headchoppers and their supporters are using social media to encourage protesters in Ferguson to embrace radical Islam and fight against the U.S. government.

‘How is democracy treating you guys?’ ISIS militants take to social media to encourage Ferguson protesters to embrace Islamic extremism

  • ISIS supporters urge Ferguson demonstrators to embrace radical Islam
  • Use social media to stir up racial hatred and encourage yet more violence
  • Militants urge ISIS sympathisers in U.S. to travel to Ferguson to join protest
  • News comes as image appears to show demonstrator holding ISIS banner
  • Man was seen holding an ‘ISIS is here’ placard on purported CNN footage
  • Chilling developments come on ninth night of violent protests in Ferguson following the shooting by police of unarmed teenager thug Michael Brown

Daily Mail

Michael Brown Literally Broke Officer Darren Wilson’s Face

This poor guy trying to run a store without having his merchandise stolen by goons…


…was not the only victim of the “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown’s violence on the day of his martyrdom.

Via Gateway Pundit:

The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. …

Local St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the District Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.

When a drug-crazed 6’4″, 300-lb monstrosity with the intellect of a feral beast breaks the bones in your face and then makes to attack again, the choice is between using your sidearm and dying.

Meanwhile, the police account of the story has been confirmed not only by Saint Michael’sautopsy, but by more than a dozen eyewitnesses.

That the vermin running the media and the federal government side with a sociopathic monster against the police officer he assaulted, and with the lowlife mobs that riot in his name against hard-working business owners, tells you all you need to know about our progressive ruling class. In service to their disgusting and deranged ideology, chin-pulling metrosexual liberal elitist weenies of the type who imposed Obama on us will literally destroy civilization if we let them, reducing the entire human race to the level of Michael Brown — that is, to the level of cavemen bashing each other over the head with rocks.

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  1. What a pity he’s dead. Just picture all 6’4″ and 290 lbs. of him confronting one of those puny reporters who dared call him a child.

  2. He was a good boy. He was hoping to go to university in the fall.

    A good boy’s life tragically cut short.

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