Shrillary doesn't have policies, she's got Huma….

…and Huma’s Muslim sisterhood calls the shots:
Rand Paul:
“Think what would have happened had we seriously degraded Assad to the point where he was overrun, think who would be in charge of Syria right now?” Paul asked before answering his own rhetorical question: ”ISIS.”
In conclusion, Paul said:  we are very lucky that the American people are much wiser than Hillary Clinton, and much wiser than the president. We got the president and Hillary Clinton to slow down, but Hillary Clinton was widely reported to be the chief person proposing that we get involved in Syria. But really the only person directly involved in bombing ISIS’s bases right now is the Syrian government—so for all their wrongs, we’re actually quite lucky we didn’t have regime change, because I think it is a very realistic prediction that, had we had that happen, that ISIS would be in charge of Syria. Really, Syria, with Assad and all this war, is somewhat of a counter to the power of ISIS.

….the leader of UKIP was mobbed by admirers, including one taxi driver who Breitbart London caught on camera.

“Your policies are our policies,” he told Farage, talking about the feelings that the average working man, which London cabbies are well known to represent, have towards the UK Independence Party.

Hollande rules out working with Syria president against Islamic State, as group is accused of executing Syrian soldiers.
Still not sure what expects them when they arrive in Muhammad’s bordello…..
10561791_10204185971587509_3196055023506313484_nTell me something I don’t know….
A dollar for a bullet to put this dog out of his misery:
The Obama Regime Watergates Every Day:

As if the Islam they got wasn’t bad enough already:

More Islam for Pakistan

Pakistan set for ‘decisive’ day of protests

Cleric Tahir ul-Qadri declares “deciding day” in bid to topple prime minister as tens of thousands gather in Islamabad.

Cleric Tahir ul-Qadri is the lying dog who imposed the blasphemy laws on the nations remaining non Muslims….

201482883348564580_20Tens of thousands of protesters are preparing to convene in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, in the “deciding day” of a bid to bring down Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, after discussions between opposition groups and the government ended without agreement.

Anti-government cleric Tahir ul-Qadri, who has a huge following and runs a network of Islamic schools and hospitals, told his supporters on Thursday he had “shut the door” on further talks and urged them to prepare for a decisive day in their campaign against Sharif.

“Thursday will be Revolution Day,” he told a roaring crowd. “We will not go forward from tomorrow as it will be the deciding day.”