Squabbles Among Mosqueteers

Uighur Imam Of The Unfanatic Kind Stabbed To Death By Other Muslims 

The third, in a recent series of such stabbings.–Here.

Popular imam murdered in restive East Turkestan
Popular imam murdered in restive East TurkestanJume Tahir

Police killed two suspects and captured another following the murder of Jume Tahir, the imam of China’s largest mosque, the Id Kah Mosque in the city of Kashgar.

 A mosque in Sweden was set on fire due to a dispute between two muslim groups.

 ”During the early hours of Friday, a not yet completed mosque in Hageby in Norrköping were set on fire …”

“This was a legitimate target, and he was killed on the orders of Allah,” Al-Shabab spokesman Abdiaziz Abu Musab told AFP, adding that the Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents were “preparing to kill all the other MPs.”–JIHAD WATCH

Newport Mosqueteers squabble over whether  it was right to hack  Lee Rigby to pieces

“I’ll blow your country. I’ll blow you people. I’ve done f*** all.”.

A MUSLIM worshipper triggered a mêlée inside a mosque after remonstrating with an imam for condemning the murder of Lee Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks, a court heard. Salal Said, of Dunn Square, Newport, stood up during the Friday service shouting that what the murderers had done to the British soldier was right….

 ISIS to the rescue!

Al-Aqsa mosque- Jerusalem – We are coming

Why arrest them? Wouldn’t it be better to help them meet the virgins?

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  1. More Mosque Squabbles

    Student killed, 23 injured in clash inside mosque in Doda

    BHADERWAH (JAMMU): A student was killed and 23 other people were injured in a clash between two groups inside a mosque over control of its management in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir.

    Sharafat Ali, a student of MA, died last night after a clash erupted between members of two groups of the same community, armed with rods and sticks, over management of the mosque and a madrassa in Sartangal belt here, police said.

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