There are no serious efforts to oppose the Islamic expansion project


CIA Director John Brennan last year said: “The idea of Islamic Jihadists wanting to create a new caliphate is absurd”

To conceal the true intention of the Islamic expansion project is a sacred duty for every Muslim.

by BareNakedIslam

john brennan-cia-muslimThis is the kind of Muslim terrorist-sympathizing garbage that permeates the America-hating regime of Barack Hussein Obama. Brennan is the same guy who always refers to Jerusalem as “al-Quds” and is rumored to have secretly converted to Islam. Washington Times  The White House is facing new questions about underestimating the threat from Islamic State militants in Iraq with the […]  Read more of this post

Supporters of the extreme militant group, Islamic State , dispensed leaflets in central London on Monday declaring the ‘dawn of a new era’.

A group of students is being investigated by police after they handed out leaflets apparently encouraging British Muslims to join the Islamic State.

Is there anyone on earth that enjoys sadistic murder more than jihadists? But just in case Allah’s gangsters are somewhat recalcitrant to behead infidels or are new to the slicing game, there are Islamic clerics who will guide them in the proper technique in order for headchoppers to experience maximum Muslim enjoyment.

Iraq is turning into a massive killing field. Mount Sinjar runs red with the blood of the Yazidi , who are being systematically exterminated.

3 thoughts on “There are no serious efforts to oppose the Islamic expansion project”

  1. Brennan is absurd and a threat to America. Anyone in the See Eye Aye so f’ing ignorant and or such a liar should be terminated and never allowed to hold any sort of government position again.

  2. Absurd Brennan? Pfft. Then why do all the muslims and especially the Isholes in Iraq keep telling the world that is exactly what they’ve created and what they’ve done.

    Just because you say so, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  3. The head sawing Muslims remind me of what the Aztecs did to their victims. Being in total control, they built a religious system based on dehumanizing their foes. Cutting the hearts out as a sacrifice to their god, a demon, not much different than the one worshipped by these Muslims.

    The rest of the moderate Aztecs must have just looked on, as the extremist/religious ones proceeded to rip the heart out of their victims.
    They believed that if they did not do these horrid crimes, the sun would not shine the next day…

    Of course, these believe that unless they do these cruel acts, their caliphate won’t see the light of the next day….

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