There is nothing in the Koran about a "fair go" for infidels…..

More bleeding heart rubbish and waffle about being targeted.

 THE belief of many Muslim Australians that they are singled out by counter-terrorism laws means they are less likely to co-operate with police, according to a pioneering study. “‘Fair go for Muslims’ key to police co-operation“– there is nothing in the Koran about a “fair go” for the kafirs….
“Misunderstood Islam”  from that highly paid prostitute John Esposito
Esposito, Founding Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding

“… the future of Islam in an increasing globalized society; terror in the name of Islam; common misconceptions and resulting “Islamophobia.” …


Obama and Hollande are noted as players here, but you are free to add hundreds, thousands, millions of your own.

To say that the Islamic state is not about  religion or the number one enemy of Islam is an Islamic state, is like saying that Catholicism has nothing to do with Christianity. This is absurd. This is a farce. And it’s a betrayal. Will we hear us say, one day soon, that Islamic law has nothing to do with Sharia law?


A report by the Education Funding Agency says:

‘We were told by teachers that non-Muslim teaching staff are no longer allowed to take Friday assemblies. In separate interviews, staff told us that in Friday assemblies, occasionally words have been used such as “white prostitute” and “hellfire” which they felt were inappropriate for young children.’

No, not in Gaza, this is Birmingham, UK.

Since when is Gallowswine a holy man?

Why Is An Attack On Galloway A “Religiously-Motivated Assault”?

The man who belted Galloway –-the result giving many a feeling of deep satisfaction– has been charged with “religiousy-motivated assault”? But why? It was outrage, and then rage, that he felt at the Nazi-like comments of Galloway, comments that have gone on, in all their hysteria and hate,  unpunished by the state, for many years. Why is that “religiously-motivated”? Or does the government wish to impose a more severe penalty in this case than it might otherwise be able to do?

Surely many will regard Mr. Masterson, in a more subdued key, for his act against a vicious antisemite and a wartime traitor (the war being that of self-defense, against the internal Jihad, conducted so far largely through demographic conquest and incessant pressures on the laws and customs of Great Britain) as they would, if they thought about it, the two members of the Czech resistance who killed Reinhard Heydrich in Prague during the war, or the man who killed the pogromshchik Petlioura in Paris (fatidically, on the rue de Palestine) in 1926.

These may sound, to some, outlandish analogies. They will discover they are not.

The Islamic State is all about Islam: 

To say that the Islamic state is not about religion or the number one enemy of Islam is an Islamic state,  is like saying Catholicism has nothing to do with Christianity. This is absurd. This is a farce. And it’s a betrayal.
August 19, 2014, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has said enemy number one of Islam is an Islamic state.

The next day, Barack Hussein Obama followed suit in his footsteps: “The Islamic State speaks not on behalf of any religion. There is no religion which encourages killing innocents. ”

As for Francois Hollande, about Syria, accusing the same day, the international community for not having given the choice between helping a dictator or a terrorist group. Better: he admits delivering arms to terrorists while evoking a “democratic Syrian rebellion” which is world renown she is one with them. In short, the President – who still collects 13% approval rating – manages to confess serious misconduct (arming Syrian jihadists) suggests an error (which is not a) in the destination weapons, a fact which he absolved due to “equipment complies with European commitments.” That is good.

Quite normal for normal self-proclaimed president asserted that though “not wanting to get caught up in quarrels that are too far away to be imported and not get carried away by the blasts of the world.”

But, the attack on the twin towers in New York in 2001, those of the four trains in Madrid in 2004, those in London, fifteen days apart in 2005, who reached the Boston marathon in 2013 brief murderous acts committed 23,000 for 13 years, by which that other followers of Islam have they been perpetrated since all have been claimed in the name of Allah?

All of which leads to the philosopher, writer and former Tunisian diplomat Mezzri Haddad – Visiting France 24, May 2, 2013 – that “when struggling to analyze Western rationality phenomena that are beyond rationality, are invented concepts: Salafist, jihadist, Islamist or moderate Islamist extremist “or, in the case of Tsarnaev brothers of Boston,” the autoradicalisés. “And Mr. Haddad said, without further ado, make no distinction between Islam and Islamism.

But gentlemen Obama, Hollande and Saudi Mufti Sheikh Al would not be able to do?