Turkish Savages Identify With ISIS

From the eye on the world:

Turkey does not view ISIS as a terror org. What does this say about Turkey?


The Second Arab Frankenstein: (Hugh Fitzgerald)

Hezbollah notes, likely correctly, that Gulf states, whose rich subjects helped fund ISIS, may now regret it, for ISIS has gotten out of  hand, may have dragged the Americans in on the side of the Shi’a in Iraq and the Alawites in Syria, and most of all, ISIS “damages the image of Islam.” I’ll say.

Why the “second Frankenstein”? Oh, the first Frankenstein the Arabs collectively created were the “Palestinian people,” that is the shock troops of the propaganda and terror war being conducted against Israel as part of the Arab-and-Muslim-wide Jihad against Israel, consisting both of Arabs living in Gaza and “the West Bank,” and in UNRWA-cosseted camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan. Now they are at least trying to ignore, and in some cases are hostile to, those same “Palestinian people” whom they understand, correctly, to supply the most, and inspire the most, True Believers, the ones who take Islam most to heart and, furthermore, want the Arabs and Muslims to act on what they know to be their Muslim duty. This most Arab states don’t want to do, because they recognize, even if they can’t spell out either to others or even to themselves, the problem with a deep belief in Islam, not least for Muslims themselves.

Leftards Find Headchoppers Boring


Now here’s a beheading that might get Obama’s attention:



Haaretz is so eager to push Hass’ Hamas agitprop that there is nothing credible in this article. Which makes it perfect for Haaretz: Ha’aretz publishes another Amira Hass piece filled with lies and slander


Unfortunately, Israel is not (yet)  exporting a Hamas rocket scientist to the virgins every 10 minutes.

Just like in the days of Muhammad:

Fleeing Iraqi Christians reveal horror of Islamic State: ‘The jihadists raped women and children’


Haniyeh is next:

Haniyeh vows Hamas will ‘liberate Palestine’ after top Hamas terrorists killed by Israel

He just made himself a legitimate target in Israel’s eyes.

(JPost) After the killing of three of its senior commanders by Israel, Hamas vowed early Friday that it would be “strengthened” in its quest “to lift the siege on Gaza” and “liberate Jerusalem and Palestine from the neo-Nazi occupier who destroys houses and kills women and children.”

The absurd projection is for western morons who hate Jews and suck up to Mohammedan savages.

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  1. Haniyeh is smart. He has taken the precaution to live in Qatar. Some of his relatives have managed to get Israeli citizenship, and live in Israel.

    Haniyeh will fight to the last Gazan.

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