Abbott doesn't have Keysar Trad's approval to send troops to Iraq

Muslim community rejects ISIL violence

They don’t. In reality they support the Islamic state wholeheartedly. They reject any  resistance to the devout Muslim soldiers who went to establish the caliphate. The taqiyya remains the same as always….(Yahoo!7)

Abbott doesn’t have Keysar Trad’s approval to send troops to Iraq

Mr Abbott described Islamic State as a “murderous death cult”

Lane Sainty, Sydney Moonbat Herald

Keysar Trad, “out-of-context” spokesturd for the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, said today that the Islamic community would “prefer Australia to be a peacemaker, rather than a participant in combat”.

Article Lead - wide6125303110gvl11410711371292.jpg-620x349“As a community we are in support of humanitarian efforts in Iraq,” he said. (Which means ‘pay the jiziya’…) “However, war is counter-productive and unhelpful. It tends to be very divisive in society.”

Every Muselmaniac who managed to settle behind enemy lines  is counter-productive and unhelpful to the infidel nation state. His mission is to divide civilised society and to destroy it, by replacing it with Islam. What part of that is it you can’t understand?



Australian PM: High terror alert “not about religion”

Of course, it does have to do with a religion: members of a particular religious group are plotting violence against those who are not members of the group, and pointing to the religion’s teachings as their motivation and justification for that violence….(Australian PM: High terror alert “not about religion”–JIHAD WATCH)

3 thoughts on “Abbott doesn't have Keysar Trad's approval to send troops to Iraq”

  1. “the Islamic community would “prefer Australia to be a peacemaker, rather than a participant in combat”.”

    So in effect he’s saying Australia should not be helping the displacement and wholesale slaughter of Yazidis, Christians, shia and every other minority that IS does not happen to like.

    And regarding the muslim community’s current PR assault , hoping to fool Australians that all is well and they’re on our side – where are the garden variety muslims who were brawling with police not so very long ago and holding the ‘behead those who insult islam’ placards??

    Has the muslim community re-educated them? Or just changed tactics for their own self-preservation – told them to back off for the time being and not be so obvious – it’s not a good look.

  2. Why does Iraq not do subsciption to fight off the so called terrorist why should the western world get involved and send in our boys to sort it out which in any case shall not be resolved if you believe in your country fight and die for your believes and don’t say that you are a refuge and let somebody else fight your battles or come to a western world and demand something should be done about your homeland especially when you all want western benefits but can I marry your daughter the answer to that would be no way Infidel so I believe if in a war torn country close the borders and keep them out nobody helped Zimbabwe when Robert Magabe chased out all the white farmers now look at it Australia look after your own they do not mix and shall eventually out breed us and my children’s children shall be muslim we already have one in parliment and there shall be more to come so politicians beware your time of reaping big benefits are coming to a end

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