All-(ah) these beheadings are totally unislamic and have nothing to do with Islam….

Andrew Bolt

Beheadings seem awfully popular in a certain part of the world:

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The Taliban militants (students of Islam) have beheaded 15 civilians, including women and childrenin eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan.


Nothing to do with Islam. Most Muslims are peace-loving. The real worry is the  “backlash” etc etc etc:

A man who had just been sacked at an Oklahoma food plant decapitated one female worker and stabbed another before he was shot and wounded by the boss…

Police spokesman Jeremy Lewis told a press conference that Nolen’s colleagues had said “he recently started trying to convert several employees to the Muslim religion”.

facebookbeheaderHowever, it is not clear if his beliefs had any link to the attack. 

The way the enemedia spins this, it will never be clear.

Incidentally, the US right to bear arms can be useful.

In Mohammedan quarters, the stupidity is thicker than mud:

South Australian Muslim converts Kathryn Jones, Nadine Imran and Hannah Skara:

“I have seen people look at me with sheer terror. I had a woman at Coles tell me I should take off my hijab until this all blows over.

“People need to know that what is happening has nothing to do with Islam.” …

More sheer terror from the followers of the terror-casting god of islam from Elisa Black at Sunday Mail (SA) thanks to Mullah, pbuh


One thought on “All-(ah) these beheadings are totally unislamic and have nothing to do with Islam….”

  1. We dont see anyone else in the world doing it on the barbaric Muslims. They do it to one another so how can anyone on earth trust anything they say. No mercy should be given to these people and everyone of them should be banished from our land immediately. There is no room for this sickness in our wonderful country. We have been fools in allowing to let it go this far. Not too late though. Our biggest problem will be our politicians. Lets see how many Australians they will see suffering before they do something for us. I have suffered for 12 years, and no one, but no one would believe me. Not Deb Wallace in charge of the Middle Eastern Crime squad. Half of her unit includes Muslims and they give out information to their friens – their brothers in arms. Your friendly Muslim living next door.

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