Diversity makes us what exactly…?

Hard to believe that the Brits put up with such demented swine in parliament. But their whole ruling class is unhinged.  Apart from the kooks who have their heads in cloud cuckoo land, they are also heavily infiltrated  by Koranimals and commie parasites like the Milibandits….

Despite what happened in Rotherham..Ed Miliband the leader of the labour party is still showing support to the muslims instead of condemning them as he should, another disgrace, another fall out wi…
Canuck’s seem to get it:
Canada invalidating passports of citizens who have left to join jihad groupsCanada invalidating passports of citizens who have left to join jihad groups

Bravo. Ted Cruz tried to introduce a similar measure in the Senate, but was blocked. All Western governments should be doing this. “Canadian government begins invalidating passports of citizens who have left to join extremist groups,” by Stewart Bell, National Post, September 20, 2014: The government has begun invalidating the passports of Canadians who have [/Comments]  Continue Reading »


Abject Dhimmitude Downunder

When Australian Defence Force members are being asked by the brass to not walk Australian streets in uniform, do you think we have a problem? When ADF members do not hang their washed uniform to dry on clotheslines in their backyard, lest they signal to the wrong people that an ADF member lives here, is there something very wrong in the Lucky Country?

Did we ever have a similar problem after the Greek, Italian or German migrants settled here? Are we likewise concerned about …  See More

The Abbott government has said it is prepared to extend police powers even further…
Love that line:
Under the sharia, this is what happens to the real moderates, the real reformers in Islam. Perhaps another ad should be created, “Yesterday’s reformer is today’s murder victim under sharia.” NYT: A liberal Muslim scholar who had been accused of blasphemy for a speech he gave during a visit to the United States was shot […]

Miranda has a message for  reality-resistent  Leftoids:

EVERY day another Labor or Greens MP comes out with another kooky pronouncement downplaying the…
 Another Moonbat Messiah gets his Islam all wrong:
The Dalai Lama is certainly an influential religious leader in the world but usually he stays away from controversial comments, especially when it comes to—INQUISITR.COM
Allah may be compassionate, but his head choppers are not:
Reports coming in say the jihadist group, Islamic state of Iraq and Syria has executed British citizen, Alan Henning in the city of Raqqa today. If confirmed,… NEWSDAY247.COM
Mohammedan  bullshit pedlars  get airtime on Tony Jones Q & A:

2 thoughts on “Diversity makes us what exactly…?”

  1. Dalai Lama Tells Muslims:
    ‘Jihad’ Is Meant ‘To Combat Our Inner Destructive Emotions’

    – equal to Australia’s Politicians.

    Dear Mr ABBOTT

    You are aware Mr. ABBOTT and your ilk (all parties) – that most (well more) Australians are now aware that Australia’s Governments – both past and present – (ie Politicians) caused Australia’s current Muhammadan “Problems”.
    • The unrelenting flood of Muhammadan “illegals” (the poor emancipated Gym Worked muscular “Muhammadan Soldiers” flooding in on boats) apparently now stopped.
    • The past recent and current flood of “legals” (Muhammadan male/female/child/”dhimmi” – which includes girl-child brides for the resident Muhammadan males) continues in an unrelenting flood.

    How about you return to Australia the ADF personnel you sent to FIX the ‘Death Cult’ ISIS (or whatever they want to call themselves – irrespective they are Muhammadans of ISLAM).

    PM ABBOTT should have retained the ADF in Australia (purged of Muhammadans) and rounded up all Muhammadans and any that did not accept aide to voluntary leave – expel or “expel”.
    Australia’s current and future Security and Well being is severely Compromised otherwise.

    Poor old PM ABBOTT – how will he react when he finally (if ever admits to) realises he is doing what the Muhammadans in Australia want him to do – Destroy their homeland ISLAMIC enemies for them.

    Now use the ADF personnel (purged of Muhammadans) to round up all the Muhammadans in Australia and (after they have not taken the choice to leave voluntarily) expel or “expel” every Muhammadan invader in Australia.

    Then the ADF will probably have to be used to stop the Retaliating Muhammadan Attack Hordes TRYING to flood in from South East Asia.

  2. Western Policy on Muhammadan and ISLAM explained by DP111 ….

    DP111 Explains why Dhimmi Western Politicians are guilty of War Crimes” against their own Citizens

    Realising that Islam has been at war with non-Muhammadans For Ever (well 1400 Years or so).
    Isn’t it about time non-Muhammadans “FIXED” Islam Permanently!

    Self Defence is permitted (demanded) against Muhammadans!

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