Germany: phoney fartwas & fake condemnations

Thousands of German Muslims protest against terrorism

No such thing. They protested against those who resist Islam and those who oppose the Islamic state.

german-muslimsMuslim organizations in Germany have held rallies in 2,000 mosques nationwide in protest against the ISIL and racist attacks targeting mosques and synagogues.

Germany’s Muslim community staged the rallies on Friday as part of the campaign Muslims Standing Against Hate and Injustice aimed at renouncing all kinds of violence and raise awareness for growing racism.

Our friends from PI called this fraud the moment the dhimmified enemedia reported it.

Translation of the fraudulent Islam speak above:

“Standing against hate” means fighting those who are opposed to Islam, “Injustice” means infidel law, the law of the kafir which must be replaced by the sharia, and “all kinds of violence” means resisting the Islamic expansion project by bombing ISIL. “Growing racism” is of course the icing on the cake; the conflation of the murderous Islamic ideology with race has deprived us of our right to fight back hard. Islam is not a race and it never will be, no matter how Muselmaniacs and their leftist enablers push this idiotic nonsense.

Here, from PI:

Mohammedans  in Berlin came out in force to demonstrate “against” mass-murder, rape and enslavement by the Islamic terror gang ‘ISIS’  which currently terrorises large parts of Iraq and Syria and engages in genocide against Christians and Yazidis. The media reported “thousands”, in reality it was no more than 500, at best.

But this Mohammedan “prayer” demo did nothing to condemn the atrocities. On the contrary, what you heard was more BS and blather about “Islamophobia”,  “attacks” on Muslims and arson against the Mevlana mosque, which was  burned by… you guessed it: a Jordanian Muslim.

Here in German:

Gestern hätten sich die Moslems in Deutschland laut politkorrekter Inszenierung gegen Mord- und Totschlag der islamischen Terrorbande ISIS, gegen das Köpfen und Vergewaltigen von Christen und Andersgläubigen aussprechen sollen, doch davon war kaum die Rede! Tausende seien gekommen, lügen unsere “Qualitätsblätter” daher (auf diesem Berliner Foto sieht man nicht mal 500) – und was passierte tatsächlich? Die Moslems durften als kleine Gewöhnung in Berlin auf der Skalitzer Straße öffentlich beten, der Terror der ISIS wurde gar nicht angesprochen, stattdessen faselten die Islam-Bonzen von vielen Angriffen auf Moslems hierzulande, zum Beispiel vom Brandanschlag auf die Mevlana-Moschee, bei der aber ein Jordanier hochverdächtig ist und keineswegs der gewünschte deutsche NSU. [mehr]