Headchoppers from Chechnya attack Yazidis…. in Germany!

From the eye on the world:

ISIS supporters in Germany target and attack Yazidis

(Herford) On Wednesday, in the German town of Herford (makes a nice beer, comes in yellow cardboard packs, known as yellow handbags), a group of Kurdish Yazidis decided to hold a protest against ISIS who are currently persecuting their religious cohorts in the Middle East. However, it appears that they offended a number of Islamic bigots who decided to do what intolerant Muslims do and attacked these poor people.For some strange reason, the six men arrested for violent behaviour (including using a knife) against the peaceful protests were all from Chechnya. The thing is, this isn’t an isolated incident, a few weeks back a food stand owner was attacked by a 45-year-old Salafist and his 14-year-old son. However, after the food stand owner dropped his charges, an ongoing police investigation uncovered he had been intimidated. In fact, the radical Islamist situation is so bad in the area that the police has 25 violent Islamist incidents on their books from the town of Herford alone.

Also, a ISIS terrorist killed in Iraq was a German convert to Islam from… Herford.

We have also seen Sharia vigilantes in Britain. In both Britain and Germany,… JIHAD WATCH

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  1. People Power is what is needed to destroy these Sharia Police. Start your own community Anti Sharia Police Patrols. Show these Muslim Scum, you wont put up with their crap. If they don’t play ball, give them a tour of the local Hospital Facilities.

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