Hundreds march against ISIS in Melbourne

isis_march_1a0lnrd-1a0lnrlThey are all criminals and should be beheaded. Under Islamic law kafirs are forbidden to protest against Islam.

From The AGE

About 500 people have marched in an anti-Islamic State protest through the city streets of Melbourne, demanding world leaders stand up to the terrorist group.

Demonstrators, walking behind makeshift cardboard coffins of an adult and child, also demanded the government and the United Nations help those being targeted by the terror group.

Not a chance. They are far too busy denouncing Israel for defending itself against Mohammedan savagery.

“No justice, no peace, ISIS out of the Middle East,” they chanted as they marched from Federation Square to parliament on Saturday.

The protest, organised by the Christian Youth of Melbourne, drew members of the Assyrian and Coptic communities and Jews and Muslims.

Addressing the rally, Victorian Upper House Liberal MP Bernie Finn described ISIS as a “satanic death cult” which must be held to account.

“These creatures are sub-human,” Mr Finn said.

And we keep importing them. In the hundreds of thousands.

“The only good ISIS criminal is a dead ISIS criminal and if that means the United States and Australia and maybe even Britain have to bomb ISIS into oblivion, if we have to bomb ISIS back into the depths of hell from whence it came, then that is exactly what we have to do.

“We cannot stand by and allow this to happen.”

Federal Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou said what was happening in the Middle East, particularly Syria and Iraq, could not be ignored.

“We cannot ignore what is happening, in particular to the Christian communities that are the indigenous communities of that region.”

Interesting.  Maria Vamvakinou is one of the biggest Islamopanderers in the country. She has previously said her committee believed the country needed strong political leadership to ease tensions over Islam.

Melbourne School of Theology lecturer Bernie Power told protesters radical Islam must be challenged and moderate Muslims need to disown ISIS. (A “moderate Muslim” is a fantasy product of western multiculturalists)

Protesters demanded safety for Iraq’s Christians and other minorities, chanting “Ethnic cleansing is a crime, why not say it on prime time.”


One thought on “Hundreds march against ISIS in Melbourne”

  1. Ethnic cleansing is a crime, why not say it on prime time.”

    But Muhammadan cleansing is OK.
    Muhammadans are NOT an ethnic group (race).
    Any (preditory) Muhammadan (unless truly becoming an apostate) is truly below any Civilised man in the evolution and intelligent design cycle of mankind.

    Muhammadans are continually saying and demonstrating how they are going to kill all non-Muhammadans (islam’s submitters are commanded to do this in their pathetic Qur’an).
    Self defence against Muhammadan(male/female/child/”dhimmi”) is also absolutely MANDATORY.

    Non-Muhammadans have the right to protect ourselves from these murderous preditor Muhammadan(male/female/child/dhimmi) animals in our world.

    Now, might isn’t the right way. The one exception is when it’s used for self-defense. We have to protect ourselves from the dangerous animals in our world.”
    [Middle of Page 66]

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