ISIL & ISIS: the difference is a place called Israel

Glenn Beck explains the difference between ISIS and ISIL:

“We have been joking ISIS, ISIL, what’s the difference.  You say tomato; I say tomato. It makes a big difference because of this: ISIL includes Levant, which includes the area we like to call Israel.”

“ISIS and ISIL. The President is making a big deal out of this is ISIL, right? The Administration wants to call it ISIL,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Stu, what’s the difference between ISIS and ISIL?”

“Interesting fact about the Levant,” Stu responded. “[It] encompasses parts of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and a place called Israel.”

Hussein Obama, ‘advisor’ to head choppers:

If he had been “an adviser to ISIS,” Mr. Obama would not have killed the hostages
Obama’s culture of treason and deceit: