Islamic savages whine about "divisive and inflammatory" statements on burqas and sharia…

A message from Sergio Redegalli, the courageous artist who put up the “say no to burqas” mural on his house. The mural was just vandalised again, and the death threats keep coming.  By spreading these images below, we can show our support for Cory Bernardi, one of the lone voices in parliament who must be heard. Show him your support by putting this on your Facebook page, and do it often!


Abbott coins “join us, not change us”- another attempt at ‘Team Australia”

As Prime Minister Tony Abbott lauded Muslim arrivals who wanted to “join us, not change us”, the maverick Liberal and Palmer United Party senators both issued calls to “ban the burqa” under the cover of Thursday’s anti-terrorism raids.  Senator Lambie this week told adherents of sharia to “pack their bags” and get out of Australia.

Muslim leaders say Cory Bernardi and Jacqui Lambie are assisting Islamic State recruit potential terrorists in Australia with their “divisive and inflammatory” statements on burqas and sharia.
These Islamo agitprops must be the biggest BS-peddlers in history. If anything is ““divisive and inflammatory” it is their hatred of the unbeliever and everything we hold dear.
dtho13October007.JPG / Muslim Women Naqab
Here’s how its done: nobody does victimhood better than the Koranimals.

Well we knew this was coming (the accusations)…

DESPITE pleas for calm from the Queensland Premier and senior police, Muslims – particularly women – have been targeted in a series of hate attacks.–COURIERMAIL.COM.AU

Darwin IMAM claims jihadists are taking lines of the Koran out of context…

A true original.

“Evil” are the unbelievers. Good is everything that advances Islam. That’s the context.
DARWIN Muslims have turned out in droves to hear acting imam Mohameden H’meida deplore the terror cells uncovered in Thursday’s raids across Brisbane and Sydney.–NTNEWS.COM.AU
He deplores that the infidels still have the upper hand. That’s what he deplores.

Meet Orhan, the face of Islam on the Sunshine Coast

9-2502248-scn170914muslimm_fct1024x622x9.0_t460Never mind the face. We should be concerned about his mental baggage and his evil intentions.


He spoke about how he abhorred “terrorist actions” and how terrorism had nothing to do with Muslims.

“This terrorism (in Iraq) also has nothing do with Islam. Terrorism is terror. It’s a bad thing. These people are worse than animals,” he said.  The rich people own the media. The Jewish, American and English.

“They make false news. Such as in America in 2001 when they showed a Muslim attack on the Twin Towers.

“None of it was Muslims – I don’t believe it.”

“Islam is a peaceful religion.”

SCN_19-09-2014_EGN_04_SCN170914MUSLIMb.1_fct738x554_t460ORHAN Dilbaz’s belief the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were “fabricated” prompted a mixed reaction from the Sunshine Coast.  Allowing the spread of this cult is not in the community’s long-term interests.
Meanwhile, the global jihad continues as it must:
There will be many more plots like these in Europe and North America, but there are two things that must not be done in response: the jihadis must not be…–JIHAD WATCH

4 thoughts on “Islamic savages whine about "divisive and inflammatory" statements on burqas and sharia…”

  1. It says a lot about the awareness of islamic leaders – when their biggest bone of contention is our completely understandable desire to have the burka not appear anywhere in Australian society and to never let the cancer of sharia law be given a chance to exist s that it can destroy one of the best countries on earth.

    They are more concerned with their own public image rather than doing something concrete about wiping ISIS off the face of the earth. It doesn’t seem to be a real problem to them that ISIS daily kill and terrorise non-muslims.

    No protests , nothing except cheap platitudes about how they have no control over muslims in the middle east.

    It needs to be pointed out to them that neither allah or mohammed have any control over their barbaric actions either. Or if they do – they are clearly supporting them. Either way – what then , is the point of islam?

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