Megyn Kelly tears apart CAIR rep; destroys his lies, rails against Shariah Law

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly questioned how the Council on American-Islamic Relations can defend what it describes as “moderate” Islam. (Bizpac)

“It is true that Islam is not ISIS, but it is also true that ISIS is Islamic, is it not?” she asked Thursday of her guest, Hassan Shilby, chief executive director of the council’s Florida chapter.

Hassan Shilby is a particularly well trained Islamic BS-artist. You can admire him practice the art of dissimulation here:

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Here’s Shibly’s reaction after his smack down:

Hamas-linked CAIR’s Hassan Shibly likens Fox News to Islamic State

Hassan Shibly of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was on Megyn Kelly’s Fox show recently, and apparently he doesn’t think his game of detour and deception went well, as he has taken to Twitter to whine about it. This is yet another instance of the projection that we see so often from Islamic […JW]Continue Reading »

“Unfortunately, you know every single faith has had crazy extremists distort and twist their faith to justify their crazy political ends,” Shilby said. “And the reality is, Megyn, is that moderate Muslims, Christians and Jews have a lot more in common with each other than they do with extremists from within their own faith. And actually, extremist Muslims and extremist anti-Muslims have a lot in common, and that is that they both distort the Islamic faith to promote their twisted agenda, which is rejected by the 1.7 billion Muslims in the world.”

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Kelly argued that the Islamic State terrorist group adheres to a “form of Islam,” saying even “moderate” Muslims have controversial stances.

“But it’s not just the extremists,” Kelly said. “You look at Egypt, an ally to the United States – or at least it was. The administration has been on the fence about that, but 84 percent there, 84 percent favor the death penalty for leaving Islam, [and] 82 percent favor stoning for adultery. It doesn’t seem like the most moderate religion when Shariah law comes into the picture, and this group takes that to an extra extreme – to an ultra-extreme, and they do it in the name of Islam.”

Shilby dodged Kelly’s questions, directing blame at other religions. He even suggested Kelly didn’t know what she was talking about.

“I know if you’re a woman and you commit adultery, under Shariah law, they want to stone you, alright?” Kelly responded. “So I know that. And I know that if you decide you no longer want to be Islamic, they want to kill you.”

3 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly tears apart CAIR rep; destroys his lies, rails against Shariah Law”

  1. Megyn, baby, you start off with a completely false premise! Sorry, hon, but Islam IS ISIS! You started Islamopandering with your first sentence. Once you do such, you’ve already lost. You don’t give Muslims a f’ing nanometer! Sorry, sweetheart, they don’t “want” to kill you, they DO kill you.

    I have mixed feelings about having these flea infested CAIR vermin on TV. I think it normalizes/validates them, which is extremely dangerous. TV validates the most pathological and outrageous. We should know this by now. And, liberals are too stupid to catch on anyway. So, exactly, who are these “interviews” aimed at? They get on TV and spew their poison while a cute little blonde asks them questions and they fill in the blanks. We don’t need Muslims filling in the blanks and connecting the dots for us. We should not consult them on their view of reality, period. And, many FOX viewers are not educated enough to see through the taqiyya.

  2. ISIS is to Islamic extremism what Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity are to what might be called Roman Catholic extremism. Both take their religious duties seriously but fortunately most Muslims do not and sadly most Catholics do not either.

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