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  1. “Flemington is better known as the location of the Flemington Race-course where the Melbourne Cup is run each year. – CM”

    Actually Flemington is better known for housing a large number of African refugees in public housing….

  2. Yet again we are attacking the Muslim world. Muslims in the Arab world can do nothing about it, but Muslims living in the West can. They attack us back. Then we arrest them, giving Muslims the excuse that we are stopping the spread of Islam – giving a justifiable reason for the Jihad.

    All seems to be going along just as I had thought it would.

  3. “If those raids took place where I suspect they might have, it’s potentially within 500 metres from my house”, Mr Bandt said. ”I want to find out what is happening in Melbourne”.

    Funny, huh, how their peckers go limp and their guts start churning when it starts to get up close and personal.

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