More handwringing in the UK about 'why Muslims become radicalised'

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Muslims don’t “become radicalised”, they are systematically brainwashed. They suck the hatred in with the mothers milk and are indoctrinated with an ideology that doesn’t tolerate non-Muslims, which means all of us.

“We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.”-– Hussein Massawi, former leader of Hezbollah, summing up what Islamists want from the West.

The British Government should look in the mirror when looking for reasons why Muslims become radicalised

 (UK) Currently, the political elites in the UK are burning the midnight oil in which to try and work out why so many British Muslims become radicalised. Well, for me, they should look in the mirror.
Why is it a surprise that in a country where if anybody questioned the more medieval aspects of the Islamic faith, you were silenced by use of the racist card? I mean, it’s transpired that the prevalence of Islamic rape gangs in the UK was simply down to the political elites not wanting to be seen as racists if they started clamping down on the peccadilloes of Pakistani males. How about how Islamic preachers have no problem openly preaching hatred on the streets and when asked why nothing has been done, we get a grin and “It’s only so and so”?Then there’s the disgusting female genital mutilation which is endemic within Islamic communities. A report in June stated that over 170,000 girls are victims of this barbaric act, and yet it’s been banned in the UK since 1985. In 29 years, want to know how many people have been charged? None. (Yes, there is one in the pipeline, but the so called political elites are saying the man who carried it out is the real victim, and that in prosecuting him, we will force FGM underground.)

In the UK, you can dress up as a suicide bomber at a protest in London and the police will not only turn a blind eye but prevent people taking pictures of the prat. You can burn a poppy outside a Remembrance parade and scream and shout during the 2 minute silence, and receive a £50 fine. That’s just it, in the UK, the political elites bend over backwards to help Muslims, and instead of being grateful, like Muslims the world over, these people demand more, and if we don’t do as they demand, we are castigated as… racists.

So it is no wonder why some idiots who have grown up protected like they are in the West, feel they will also be protected if they go off to fight. I mean, let’s be serious. When and if a badly wounded terrorist wants to return to the UK but can’t afford the air far, you know the political elites will bend over backwards to send a private jet over for them. I mean, it’s not as it would bethe first time for somebody, I should add, who isn’t even British.

Well, today that appeasement to Islam continued with the British Government setting up a Sharia-friendly finance package for Islamic students. Err, people, this is Great Britain and not Pakistan.

And the left wonder why people are gravitating to the odious far right.

A timely dose of reality:

The Middle East is burning. Barbaric Islamist hordes are slaughtering innocent civilians by the tens of thousands. Women and children are raped, killed and sold to slavery. Others are beheaded and their heads put on display.
The scope of this savagery boggles the mind. Meanwhile, the president of the United States curtails arms shipments to Israel, a staunch U.S. ally and the only democracy in the region. Without verification, the administration accepts Palestinian ‘civilian’ casualty claims and chooses to punish Israel.
Israel used precautions unheard of in the history of warfare to minimize non-combatant casualties in its defensive war against Hamas, a terror organization that committed a double war crime: firing at Israeli civilians and using Palestinian civilians as human shields. The fact is, Palestinian reporting cannot be trusted.–‘These 6 million will not go gently into the night’