"Mr. President, Who are YOU to say what is Muslim and what isn't?"

Platitudes and BS just don’t cut it anymore. But who knows? Maybe he can tell by the smell?

“ISIL IS Islamic” says Judge Jeanine Pirro as she eviscerates Barack Obama’s  foreign policy in dealing with ISIS.

Said Cameron: “We will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers and ensure they face justice, however long it takes.” Everything, that is, except study and understand their motives and goals, and tell the truth about those motives and goals. What will Cameron do to “hunt down these murderers”? Maybe the Leftists and Islamic supremacists he is so anxious to appease will help him find them. Islamic State beheads British aid worker David Haines; Cameron vows justice (Lets hope he doesn’t mean sharia by that….)

“Disillusioned’ British Jihadists Fighting In Syria ‘Regret Their Decision To Leave!”

The PuffHo wants them to come ‘home’…..

Britons Muselmaniacs with British passports who travelled to the Middle East to join Islamist fundamentalists the jihad have said they want to come home, a leading expert has said. As David Cameron told fellow… HUFFINGTONPOST.CO.UK
Israeli Arab leader says US, Israel invented Iraq “rebels”
I knew it! The Jews invented it all. The Mossad. The CIA. GWB. Glad we could clear that up:
Israeli Arab leader says US, Israel invented Iraq rebels

Speaking at an Islamic Movement in Israel gathering in Nazareth on Friday, Muhammad Zidan said the Israeli Shin Bet and the US are the ones who invented IS.

Senior Israeli Arab leader Muhammad Zidan, who works as the head of an umbrella organization representing Arab civil society and municipal politicians known as the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel, has accused Israel and the US of secretly creating the so-called ‘Islamic State’ (IS) group to sow discord in the Arab world. World Bulletin / News Desk

He knows!

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Courageous Christian Men Realize That Another Genocide Of Christians Is Coming, Pick Up Their Guns To Fight Muslims And Say, “We Are Not Afraid Of Any Enemy”